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New simplified pricing for Pixenate

I’ve simplified the pricing of Pixenate so now it’s even easier to buy the best AJAX photo editing software.
To be honest I was never entirely happy with the opaque pricing of Pixenate premium edition so now we’ve made the price of both Pixenate basic and premium editions transparent.

It made sense to have opaque pricing for Pixenate premium edition because some of our customers were large businesses. If you are a small startup, selling software to a large corporate customer can be time-consuming and expensive what with all of the paperwork and legal handling involved. We learned this the hard way 2 years ago with our first big customer where the cost of the transaction just didn’t make sense given the price of the software and the number of licenses involved. Because of that experience we decided to make the pricing of the premium edition opaque so that we could price in the cost of the selling the software to larger customers.

While the business we’ve gotten from larger companies has been great and we are grateful for it, we’d like to make it easier for small and medium-sized businesses to buy our software too. This is why – as of today – we are introducing a simplified pricing structure for Pixenate.

Pixenate basic edition costs $295 US Dollars. Pixenate premium edition costs $495 US Dollars.

That’s it.

30 days email support is included in each package. If you’d like to avail of further support and updates contact us by email. We hope this simple and competitive pricing will make it easier to make the decision to buy Pixenate for use on your web site.

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