Why small companies will win in this economy

With the collapse of big companies like AIG, Lehmann, Citibank and GM. Size is no longer seen as an advantage. Big companies like IBM are losing contracts to much smaller businesses led by dedicated people who can be trusted and crucially called up on the phone.

Sxoop Technologies has never pretended to be bigger than we are. We’re a two-person (well – one full-time person now) company and proud of it. Everything you need to know about us (including photos) is right there on our company website. If you have questions, problems or suggestions regarding any of Sxoop’s products or services, you can contact me (Walter Higgins – Founder/CEO) directly by email ( walter at sxoop dot com ) or phone +353 21 4928924.

Over at the Harvard Business blog, there’s a post about how small businesses are winning out over bigCos…

There are hundreds of thousands of businesses like John’s. Small companies that aren’t making millions but provide a good living for the people who work in them. Niche companies whose owners are trying to build sustainable businesses they love rather than fast-growing companies they can flip. They have no intention of retiring. They like working in them. And their clients know that. Which is why they have a loyal customer base willing to invest in the relationship.

Read the whole thing here


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