Tuesday Push: Tuesday Push

I’m late pushing this one, but better late than never.

The Tuesday Push is a blog meme created by Damien Mulley. Unlike most blog memes, which tend to be useless filler, this one has a purpose – it plays a vital function in raising the profile of Irish web startups. It is not just a great idea, but that rarest of things in this day and age – a Noble idea.
The idea is simple. Every 2 weeks an informal loosely joined network of Irish bloggers kick the tyres on the product or service being ‘pushed’ and blog about their experience. This provides the product/service with a much needed traffic boost. Participating blogs should reciprocate coverage. My own coverage of Tuesday Push has been somewhat spotty (like my blogging in general) but our own Twitter Mosaic service was pushed just 2 weeks ago and we got a big traffic boost from it.

If you are an Irish startup looking to raise the profile of your product or service, sign up for the Tuesday push here.

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