Atoms 2.0

We’ve been selling software and services to photo-merchandising companies for more than 3 years now. It’s an exciting area to work in. The possibilities and permutations of what you can do with photos has grown exponentially over the past few years.

As the digital camera market has matured and the number of digital photos has grown, people have been eager to explore what can be done with their photos. No longer happy to let their photos sit idle on hard-disks, people have turned their photos into cakes, posters, mugs, T-Shirts and other stuff made of atoms.

It’s taken a while but people are rediscovering the simple pleasure of the tangible. A photo you can hold in your hands or a photobook you can leaf through over a cup of coffee. A T-Shirt you can wear that proudly displays a mosaic of all your friends. Photos have always been about sharing the experiences you’ve had. That’s pretty hard to do if your photos only live on your hard-disk.

sample mug

We’ve been working on a new software product – one which will let your turn your photos into beautiful photobooks quickly and easily, without downloading software on to your computer. We’ll be working closely with a print/fulfillment partner and launching it as an own-brand service soon, then white-labeling it for use with commercial printers.

I believe there’s an exciting future in highly personalized tangible photo products – T-Shirts, Mugs, Bags, etc – and Sxoop Technologies is proud to be part of the alchemy that brings photos to life from the flat 2D world of the computer screen to the 3D world of atoms.
Twitter Mosaic MugTwitter Mosaic T-ShirtTwitter Mosaic Bag

We’ve also recently launched a simple service which lets you turn your twitter social network of friends & fans, into beautiful mosaics which can be turned into Mugs, T-Shirts and Bags. This was made possible because of Web2.0 and the philosophy of open APIs (both Twitter‘s and Zazzle‘s). What we’ve done recently at simply wouldn’t have been possible a few short years ago.

Please go check out Twitter Mosaic for yourself, and stay tuned – these are exciting times.

P.S. If you are a photo-sharing website looking to get the most from your site’s photo content, get in touch.Sample Twitter Mosaic Mug


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