Tuesday Push: IGOPeople


IGOPeople.com is an interesting online social network founded by Campbell Scott. The IGO in IGOPeople stands for Individuals, Groups and Organizations. I signed up earlier today and found it really quick and easy to connect with other people I know on the service – in less than 2 minutes I had connected with 24 people I knew – that’s pretty amazing. A lot of smart thinking has gone into the layout and user interface to create a visually slick and fast user experience.
Crucially IGOPeople has cracked the biggest problem all upcoming social networks face – it has all of the people I would like to connect with. I was quite surprised by how many people I knew were already using the service – which I guess makes me a late adopter :-)
Give IGOPeople.com a whirl for yourself. Very impressive.


4 thoughts on “Tuesday Push: IGOPeople

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  3. Thanks for the great review. The Tuesday Push was a great help to us. We look forward to continuing to bring more people together to connect and converse.

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