Bring on the clones

When we created the ImageMagick bridge in Pixenate we really let the genie out of the lamp. Exposing the full power of ImageMagick through javascript makes it possible to prototype interesting photo-editing tools in very short time. I’ve long resisted the idea of adding a free-hand selection tool to Pixenate because I thought it would be too difficult to implement in AJAX. It turns out I was wrong. While the user interaction may not be as sophisticated as some desktop photo editors, it is possible to plot the outline of a cut-out by clicking on the edges of the area you want to cut out.

I’ve updated the Pixenate Customization Guide to give an explanation of how cloning is done.

Once I’d figured out which arcane ImageMagick methods to call to create an irregular shaped alpha mask, the rest was easy. I haven’t added this to the main Pixenate website yet but you can play with the cloning tool here and here.
Feedback as always, is appreciated.

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