Pixenate on Demand. Affordable Image processing for web publishers.

I’m proud to announce we’ve just released a new edition of Pixenate. Pixenate On-Demand is a low-cost and convenient way for web publishers to provide image-editing right from within their own websites.

Visitors or users of Pixenate-enabled websites, can easily edit photos they have uploaded to the website, for example to create thumbnails or avatars from existing photos or to turn their photos into gifts and merchandise.

For web publishers, Pixenate’s powerful API puts you in control of user-generated photo content. For example … Online classifieds websites can ensure that photos uploaded by users are cropped to a predefined aspect ratio and are resized to match the website’s requirements, eliminating the need for post-upload editing. If user-generated photo content is part of your web workflow you should seriously consider using Pixenate to streamline your workflow.

Two things which I think customers will be really happy about with Pixenate On-Demand…

  1. Low cost. Pixenate on-demand starts at just €29 Euro per month, so it’s easy on the wallet of startups and small businesses.
  2. Zero setup required. That’s right. Pixenate on-demand will work in shared hosting environments. It doesn’t require you to install Perl or ImageMagick. This I think is a big win.

If you are a web publisher looking to add photo-editing to your website, check out Pixenate On Demand or leave a comment here.

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