Pixenate Screencast on Intruders.tv

Screencaster James Corbett of long-time blog Eirepreneur (one of my favourite Irish blogs) has just published a screencast of Pixenate on Intruders.tv. James demonstrates some of the Pixenate features such as Enhance, spirit-level and Sepia-Tone.
Screencasting is an area I definitely need to brush up on. I’ve never actually done a screencast myself although I’ve seen a few screencasts made by Pixenate users. Screencasting is a skill every budding entrepreneur should learn. A good screencast can really help users get the most out of your product or service. I really need to learn to screencast. The first screencast I remember watching was the developer-focused RubyOnRails screencast by David Heinemeier hansson. I really need to start making screencasts and publish them on YouTube with links from here and from Pixenate.com.


2 thoughts on “Pixenate Screencast on Intruders.tv

  1. Ah shucks! The most difficult thing I found about doing a screencast for Pixenate was limiting myself to a short, snappy screencast. As someone new to this the danger for me is veering into tutorial territory which of course isn’t suitable at all for Intruders.tv.

    I agree that screencasting is a valuable skill and am really enjoying learning it. I can also thoroughly recommend the new version of Camtasia – the editing features of which almost make me sound coherent :)

  2. Merci pour votre soutient !
    c’est un blog magnifique

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