Pixenate gets some link love from Blog Herald

From blogherald.com on our new Movable Type plugin.

Perhaps one of the most fascinating and innovative new plugins out there today, Pixenate Photo Editor allows you to edit images that you have uploaded through MTOS’ asset manager – including rotating, cropping and changing brightness/contrast values – all from the comfort of Movable Type. I’m really wowed by this plugin as I’ve often wanted to make minor adjustments to an image once it’s been uploaded (and find the process of adjusting it on my desktop and then re-uploading too arduous!). Although it takes a little bit of hacking (hopefully something that Walter can overcome with subsequent releases) I think this plugin has the makings of a must-install plugin! Fantastic work Walter!

Aw shucks!
We’re really excited about the WordPress (soon to be released) and Movable Type plugins. Blog publishers can use the Pixenate plugin to edit photos right from within their blogging software – a perfect example of how easy it is to integrate Pixenate into any content management system. We’re in the process of compiling a series of Integration case studies. We’re also working on a new theme which will be available via the blogging plugins and also the Basic and Premium Editions of the licensed software.
There’s lots happening at Pixenate HQ. We’ll keep you posted.

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