Wanted: 33 Beautiful Icons

We need some beautiful icons to adorn our online photo editor Pixenate. The current set of icons were ‘homegrown’ and frankly we’re less than happy with our own icon design efforts (not surprising since we’re programmers – not icon designers).
These are the icons we require…

  1. Undo: Even the legendary Susan Kare struggled with this one. We don’t want to break any UI norms with this one – it should just look consistent with the icon set as a whole.
  2. Redo: as above
  3. Select All: This button/icon is used to select the entire photo area.
  4. Select None: This button/icon is used to un-select whatever area has been selected.
  5. Zoom In: Increase the magnification of the photo (does not resize the photo – just makes it look bigger in the window)
  6. Zoom out: decrease the magnification of the photo (opposite of zoom in).
  7. Enhance: Will apply a smoothing filter to an image, reducing noise (good for smoothing facial lines).
  8. Normalize: This function will give the photo better color balance – making colors more vivid.
  9. Fill Light: This function adds in a fill-flash, subtly brightening the photo without degrading the quality.
  10. Crop: This is used to crop the photo.
  11. Resize: Change the size of the photo.
  12. Rotate 90: Rotate the photo 90 degrees
  13. Rotate 180:
  14. Rotate 270:
  15. Flip Vertically : Mirror the photo on the X axis
  16. Flip Horizontally: Mirror the photo on the Y axis
  17. Spirit Level: This tool allows the user to fix crooked horizons by clicking first on the left side of the photo, then the right, to adjust the horizon. ( Similar to arbitrary rotation )
  18. Remove Red Eye: This tool removes red-eye from the photo.
  19. Whiten Teeth: This tool whitens teeth.
  20. Sepia Tone: Convert the photo to Sepia.
  21. Grayscale/ Black & White: Convert the photo to black and white.
  22. Colors: This tool is used to calibrate brightness, saturation, hue and contrast of the photo.
  23. Lomo: This tool is used to create an atmospheric Lomo effect (dark corners and saturated colors).
  24. Add Text: This tool lets the user overlay text on top of the photo.
  25. Lens Filter: This applies a lens filter to make for more dramatic photos.
  26. Rounded Corners: This tool adds rounded corners to the photo.
  27. Polaroid: Makes the photo look like it was taken with a polaroid camera.
  28. Oil Painting: Makes the photo look like an oil painting
  29. Speech bubbles: Allows the user add speech bubbles to the photo
  30. Interlace / TV effect: Adds TV-like scan lines to the photo so it looks like a broadcast TV screen grab.
  31. Love Hearts: Lets the user create a heart-shaped cutout from the photo.
  32. Snowflakes: Add fake snowflakes to the photo.
  33. Clip-art: Allows the user to superimpose clipart on top of the photo.

The icons should ideally be 48×48 but can be up to 64×64 . The icons will be used on the Pixenate.com website and will also be distributed with the Pixenate product. Please get in touch if you are interested in this project. You can email me ( walter at sxoop dot com ) or phone +353 86 8511600.

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3 thoughts on “Wanted: 33 Beautiful Icons

  1. Hey Walter

    check out Cian Walsh @ Afterglow:



  2. sxoop says:

    > I am no longer taking on design projects

    Too bad.

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