Pixenate version 1.3.2 sp1 has left the building

On 29th April, without much fanfare, we released version 1.3.2sp1 of Pixenate.
There’s always a temptation, leading up to a release to add just one more feature or make just one more change. I have to be really disciplined about this because inevitably, when you add extra features, the release gets pushed out.
We take our commitment to regular incremental releases seriously. We typically release an update every 2 to 3 months so it’s worthwhile signing up for continued updates and support.
We’ve recently changed the billing for updates and support to quarterly so if you’re an existing customer and would like to avail of further updates and support you can sign up here.

There’s nothing ground-breaking in Pixenate version 1.3.2, but we have improved error handling in the server code so that bugs in plugins can be easily identified. This will come in handy if you write your own server-side plugins for pixenate. We’ve fixed some minor bugs, added a new Rearrange plugin (premium edition only), simplified some the examples we use in the Customization Guide and added a new function to make enabling and disabling selection easier.

The goal for the next couple of months is to provide more themes and ideally build upon the existing cardmaker theme to create a photo book creator so web publishers can provide easy photo book creation to their users.

Anyway – plenty to keep busy over the coming months.

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