Pixenate Version 1.3.2 has left the building.

It was just over 2 months since we last released an update of Pixenate (version 1.3.1 sp1) but it feels like it was much longer. We’ve been busy fixing minor bugs and making changes to the server code to make installation across all of the web server configurations easier. Quite a few of our customers are using CPanel and mod_perl2.0 and had reported minor problems getting Pixenate up and running. A few customers running IIS6 had reported similar problems – nothing that couldn’t be fixed with a few tweaks but still – we’d rather make the Install process as seamless as possible and that’s hopefully what we’ve done with this release.
If you’re running CPanel/Mod_perl2 or IIS6 you might still have a hiccup but we’ve fleshed out the Installation Guide to guide you through the processs in more detail.
So bug-fixing and documentation have been two of the major activities in this release. What else have we done? Oh we’ve also introduced a handy new plugin (Premium Edition only) that enables users to create different shaped cutouts from their photos. Now users can crop a face, a star or heart-shape – any shape in fact. We hope this will make customizing photos for use on custom photo gifts easier. To demonstrate the new ‘Mask’ plugin we’ve created a page where you can copy-and-paste faces from one body to the next.
At over 2.5 months, this has been the longest gap yet between updates. I guess that is to be expected given that Pixenate is maturing and new features do take time to test. We’re not done yet, there’s still miles to go…


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