~ The long-tail cuckoo of Facebook app development.

First things first, I’d just like to echo what Charles Miller said. The Pixenate Facebook App won’t prompt you to invite all your friends. It just gets straight down to the business of letting you edit your photos on facebook.
On a similar note, I like Max Levchin. We chatted briefly on the phone a couple of years ago. You have to admire someone who has been so spectacularly successful at such a young age. Max is one of those terrifyingly smart people and understands both the technology and business. Having said that: his recent post about Facebook application developer incentives has been troubling me since I first read it. I couldn’t quite put my finger on why.
Then it occurred to me – this is like a parasitic overfed cuckoo chick advising the host mother on how it should look after it’s young.


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