‘Tis the season to be silly

Your normally sombre looking CEO (that’s me by the way) has taken it upon himself to get into the Xmas spirit …
For anyone foolhardy enough to succumb to such seasonal kitschiness here’s how I did it…

[0] Visit http://pixenate.com/
[1] Upload a photo
[2] Add a santa hat (using the new ‘santa hat’ tool under ‘Show Fun Effects’)
[3] Add Snowflakes (again under ‘fun effects’)
[4] Add Text (the font I used in this photo was ‘Billboard’).
[5] Save to disk or post directly to flickr.

There is actually a very sound reason for adding the ‘santa hat’ tool.
For a long time, Pixenate has supported overlays and addition of clipart to photos but I haven’t been trumpeting it from the roof-tops. Just yesterday I had a potential customer ask if we supported clipart overlays. It wasn’t obvious then. Hopefully it is now.
The santa-hat tool will be available all through december.
Have a merry christmas.


2 thoughts on “‘Tis the season to be silly

  1. I like the way one of the snow flakes is at the tip of your nose, how was this achieved programmatically!!??

  2. Calvin Jones says:

    Very fetching Walter! Although to be honest you still look a bit sombre — just sombre in a silly hat….

    Have a great Christmas.



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