SelfNotes – An online Notepad.

We’ve just release – a very simple online notepad. You can create quick notes online. There’s no sign-up required. Just start typing. At the moment you can bookmark your note locally (by pressing CTRL+D once you’ve saved it) or you can bookmark it using the popular social bookmarking website
SelfNotes is deliberately (I would almost say bloody-mindedly) simple. Right now you can’t format text or use HTML tags, and to be honest we’ll probably keep it that way too. This was definitely one of those ‘scratch-an-itch’ applications. There are plenty of online notepad applications, pretty much all of which require you to sign up. With SelfNotes there is no sign up, just start typing and press ‘Save Note’ when done. It’s that simple.


10 thoughts on “SelfNotes – An online Notepad.

  1. Donncha says:

    Nice and simple! Just need some way of making it sticky in my browser and I’ll use it. What about a Firefox extension?

  2. Emmet says:

    Congratulations Walter, this is very cool.

    The automatic reaction to something like this is to ask for features, but you should stick to your bloody-mindedness. You’re not going to improve this by adding anything that makes it in any way more complicated. That said (here comes that natural reaction!), saving a list of my recent notes in a cookie would be a nice bit of magic that wouldn’t require any additional parsing on the part of the user.

    I can imagine this being useful for making notes that I need to refer to later on my phone.

    I’d be interested to hear a bit about the design and development process if you’re willing to share?

  3. […] announced Self Notes, an online note taker. Here’s my obligatory Hello World […]

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  5. ryan says:

    This is great, even simpler than the one I use ( ), but the purpose is different I guess, as your notes are made to be shared. Great work :)

  6. is so awesome but plz change the rules + fist of guthix kicks mager but my username is grunkendrone

  7. well im going to go play wrestling on the trampoline bye bye

  8. lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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