The Pixenate Facebook App – 6 weeks later

A few friends have been wondering how the Pixenate Facebook App is doing now that it’s settled in. Well the answer is ‘Great’ or ‘Terrible’ depending on who’s asking. Pixenate currently has 922 Users on Facebook after 6 weeks. There has been a slow but steady increase in the number of users over that 6 weeks. Sorry but there’s no exciting hockey-stick curves here, The pixenate facebook app sits squarely in the long skinny tail of facebook apps – move along, nothing to see here.
In fairness I haven’t been actively developing the facebook app because frankly I don’t have the time – I’ve been working on business development the past few weeks so improving the facebook app is low down on my list of priorities. What I’ve found interesting is that the most viral applications seem to be those whose first order of business is to prompt users to invite their friends. To me this seems obnoxious but obviously I’m in a minority. Most of the 7,000+ applications are essentially time-wasters – some at least are self-deprecating about their utility. The facebook application stats are available to each facebook app developer so I can see how many people have added or removed the app in the last 24 hours and how many of the 922 users have used the application in the same period.
Some people are impressed when I tell them the app has gathered 922 users in 6 weeks, while some just wished they never asked ;-)
The facebook app hasn’t (as far as I can tell) driven more users to the website but I have used screenshots of it in the updated Pixenate product information pages, so it has proved useful.


One thought on “The Pixenate Facebook App – 6 weeks later

  1. pat phelan says:

    Congrats Walter, I would rather build up slow and steady, you do know what’s on the other side of that hockey stick rise don’t you?

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