Perl based Forum software ?

Dear LazyWeb,
I’ve been postponing this for too long but Pixenate needs a forum. As a frequent buyer of software, online product forums give me a warm fuzzy feeling and make buying software that much easier. I’m aware of phorum – the PHP-based open source forum software but I was wondering … are there any Perl-based forum solutions – open-source or commercial ? I’m happy to use Phorum if there isn’t an adequate Perl solution but I’d rather go with a perl-based solution if there is one. Perl isn’t getting much love lately but it really is a beautiful language and I’d like to support it.


9 thoughts on “Perl based Forum software ?

  1. jmason23 says:

    hey — I think vbulletin is in perl.

  2. I diagnose POCD (Perl Obsessive Compulsive disorder). Take two drops of python and relax :-)

  3. Michele says:

    Vbulletin isn’t Perl, but it is excellent :)

    Gossamer Forum looks pretty good (


  4. Kevin says:

    phpbb is pretty solid.

  5. David Gilroy says:

    Here you go. – Perl & no DB (that I can see) which I assume we could install on our servers. – Perl & either no DB or PostgreSQL

    Any others?


  6. Idetrorce says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  7. toraeasence says:

    As newly joined user i just wanted to say hi to everyone, even though i know that nobody really cares :-)

  8. sxoop says:

    @Kathryn I’m sorry to hear about your marital problems. Truly I am. But perhaps you should seek medical or psychiatric help. Pills aren’t always the answer.

  9. jess-voyage says:


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