LouderTweets : because everyone’s a critic.

“Everyone’s a critic.”

Have you ever come out of a movie theatre, and had a brilliant thought pop into your head that sums up perfectly how you felt about the movie you just saw ?

I have these brain-farts all the time. About movies, books, restaurants – pretty much everything I experience. I’m an opinionated fecker but you might not know that if you met me – I’m not loud but I am opinionated. The difference between me and Anthony Lane of the New Yorker is … well I won’t even go into it. Lane is a brilliant mind and writes sentences that you don’t just read, you marvel at them (seriously I’ve done this – you can tell I’m a fan). Lane deservedly has the publishing clout of the New Yorker magazine behind him. But what about you ? That brilliant thought which sums up perfectly the movie you just saw, might well be forgotten by tomorrow. If you have these short snappy fire-and-forget bon-mots pop into your head, you might want to share them with the world and now you can.

LouderTweets is a way of sharing your thought with the world.

LouderTweets is possibly the most compelling web app I’ve seen this year. It taps into a fundamental human desire. The desire to share your view (no matter how brief – actually brevity is an advantage) with the world. LouderTweets’ strength is it makes fire-and-forget self-expression easy. LouderTweets is just one small part of Conor O’Neill’s larger LouderVoice review platform.

I know a compelling web app when I see it. Last year I was uploading some photos to flickr while my (then 4 year old) daughter kate sat on my knee. When the upload was complete, we visited flickr.com and found someone had already commented on how adorable kate was in one of the photos. Kate wanted to check again a minute later to see if anyone else had commented or viewed our photos. Then again. And again. This behaviour was amusing. I think it’s why social networks work. We love attention. Flickr is compelling because it fulfills a human desire.
LouderTweets is compelling for the same reason and it’s getting noticed by web gurus. I don’t think it will be long before Michael Arrington takes notice – I just hope for Conor’s sake that loudertweets gets more traction from grass-roots web users before the glare of techcrunch is shone on it. Web applications which are this compelling will soon have copycats (see last post).
Having worked with Conor in a previous life, I’m betting Conor’s already 10 steps ahead of the posse. Just keep plugging and hope that Arrington doesn’t get wind of LouderTweets too soon ;-)


2 thoughts on “LouderTweets : because everyone’s a critic.

  1. We’re blushing uncontrollably here in LV HQ.

    Brilliant post Walter. It really gets to the heart of the idea.

    Your recent LouderTweet on a hotel in Brussels wasn’t just funny, I didn’t need any more information to know that I’ll never stay there. The format seems to foster “compact wit” which we love here.

  2. […] 7, 2008 · No Comments I’ve written about LouderVoice before, but founder Conor O’Neill has added another feather to LouderVoice’s cap with […]

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