New Pricing of Pixenate™

Today marks an important milestone in Pixenate’s commercial development. Over the past 17 months that we’ve been selling Pixenate, we’ve acquired quite a lot of customers, from small photo merchandising sites, to Universities, social networking sites and internet service providers. homerdrool.jpg
We have customers who are using Pixenate in ways we never imagined and that is pretty cool. One of our customers has integrated Pixenate into their website so their users can create custom Cakes of all things – using an edible paper overlay. As homer simpson might say …

Edible paper overlays – mmmmmm

Anyway – we’ve realised that we’re servicing a whole range of customers from small ISVs (like ourselves) to larger organisations with different needs. I remember reading Joel Spolsky’s Camels and Rubber Duckies when he first published that essay a few years ago. It’s a great read and if you haven’t already done so, go ahead and read it now – go on – I’ll still be here.
The bottom line is pricing of software is a black art. I’ve been wrestling with the pricing of Pixenate since we began trading and I’ve listened to a lot of advice – pretty much all of which I’ve ignored.
Today though I’m following advice my gut has been telling me for a long while. I’ve decided to split the Pixenate product into two editions – A Basic edition for smaller websites and a Premium edition with all the bells and whistles (some of which I’ve been keeping quiet about, but hopefully I’ll get to blog about them when I have enough time).
We’ve revised the price of the Basic Edition downwards to just $599 US dollars. This is contrary to most of the advice I’ve received which is to raise the price. For the Basic Edition though, we’ve scaled back some of the features and support. Support is now free for 45 days.
Eventually we’re going to offer an a la carte pricing structure whereby customers can pick and choose the plugins, themes and levels of support they like.

To check out the new pricing plans visit


One thought on “New Pricing of Pixenate™

  1. Maurizio says:

    Hi my name is Maurizio,
    Im interested to integrate in my server this application for better manipulating photos. Actually I use Imagemagick for photos conversion.

    The question is: Pixenate is fast for High-resolution photos of 7/8 Mega ?

    Thank you
    Regards Maurizio

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