New Pixenate™ documentation – Laminate not included

We’ve been busy beavers making sure the Pixenate™ documentation is up to scratch.
Documentation is one of those things – we’re never quite done. The product and the underlying API is mature enough now that it can be documented. Some new documents we’ve added …

Check out the sample photo editor we use as a case study for the Customization Guide.

It’s great to finally have this documentation available. We make it easy for customers with little web expertise to rebrand Pixenate to suit their own websites but for the web programmers who want to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty with the Pixenate™ API … well now they can and there’s some pretty good documentation to help them along.


3 thoughts on “New Pixenate™ documentation – Laminate not included

  1. LightingToGo says:

    Good work, I’m sure the docs will be helpful.

    On a related note, do you have a change history page anywhere?

    If not this would really be helpful.

    For example, has Pixenate been updated in the last two months? We have no idea –

    If there are too many small updates to list, it would still be helpful to have one log entry per week that just said “made bug fixes”, or whatever was done.

    Thanks for listening…

  2. Thank you for the update. Would be nice to have a forum or wiki as well, so that pxn8 users can help eachother.

  3. sxoop says:


    We’re looking into providing a forum for customers. I’ll update you when it’s online.


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