I’m going to Mix ’07

Plane tickets have been booked.
Hotel has been booked.
Right so – I’m off to Mix ’07 at the end of the month.
I’ve never been to Las Vegas before so it should be fun.
Now all I have to do is try and nab one Mr. B. Gates for a quick hallway demo of Pixenate™:-)

There are 117 sessions so there’s a lot to choose from. Some of the sessions I’ll definitely be attending are…

PANEL DISCUSSION: Services on the Web: Build or Buy
Speaker(s): Jeff Barr – Amazon.com, Matt Goyer – Redfin, Don MacAskill – SmugMug, George Moore – Microsoft, Aric Weiker – Microsoft

Speaker(s): Daniel Egan – Odyssey Consulting Group, Dennis Hurst – S.P.I. Dynamics, Scott Isaacs – Microsoft, Joshua J. Pennell – IOActive

PANEL DISCUSSION: Designing the Perfect Podcast Player
Speaker(s): Dave Winer

Navigating the Programmable Web
Speaker(s): Don Box – Microsoft, Steve Maine – Microsoft

Microformats: Data Formats That Put Humans First
Speaker(s): Tantek Çelik – technorati.com

Designing with AJAX: Yahoo! Pattern Library
Speaker(s): Bill Scott – Yahoo!

Thinking in CSS: How to Build Great Looking Sites
Speaker(s): Molly Holzschlag – Digital One Corporation

Anyone who thinks this is a microsoft-only event – take note – those are some pretty heavyweight non-badge-wearing names at the bleeding edge of web development.


4 thoughts on “I’m going to Mix ’07

  1. paulmwatson says:

    Enjoy it sxoop! Mix 06 was a bit of a party.

    Don’t. Miss. The. Grand. Canyon. Just. Don’t. :)

  2. Lal says:

    Vegas is great, especially if u’re on your own or with ‘the lads’

    i’d classify it as one of the wonders of the world and worth a trip 4 all. Many think its too brash etc.. but its worth a visit.

    Beware of trying 2 find accomodation when there’s lots of conventions on!

    Have fun.


  3. Tom Raftery says:

    Yup, I’m going too Walter – the Cork Mafia hits Vegas!!!

    As Paul said I think we should try to get some time in to see the Grand Canyon too.

  4. HelloWorld says:

    Peace people

    We love you

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