delicious is my twitter

Apologies to any readers who haven’t drunk the Web2.0 kool-aid and are puzzled by the title.
It’s just occurred to me why I don’t like twitter – It doesn’t fulfill any need that isn’t already fulfilled by I usually post a note alongside each bookmark which lets me micro-blog (post short comments without having to think too much). If I want to signal to someone to take a look at the bookmarked item I just tag it for:[nameofperson] which I suppose you could loosely call ‘chat’. Since I gave up personal blogging, has fulfilled a need for short-hand blogging. Thinking about it – twitter is like but without the bookmarks – viewed in that light it really is hard to understand why anyone would use twitter.


11 thoughts on “delicious is my twitter

  1. What do you use to post to delicious?

  2. sxoop says:


    I’m old-skool. I use a [sharp intake of breath] … bookmarklet.

  3. Does it send updates via IM and text message? ;-)

  4. ‘Cept I’m rarely “in” delicious, I just use the bookmarklet. So when I get sent links it can be weeks later before I see them!

    Both good, but different.

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  6. paulmwatson says:

    Old-skool is cool Sxoop but I find the bookmarklet even is slow for entry. It is multiple fields too and requires you to think about tagging. I also use delicious as a “read later” system and wouldn’t want to clutter up my micro-blogging with it.

    I think you are onto something though. A twitter-delicious mashup could work well.

  7. Jay Collier says:


    I want a service that automatically send my Delicious entries to Twitter!

    Then I get the folksonomy of Delicious and the distribution of Twitter.

  8. “it really is hard to understand why anyone would use twitter.”

    Thank goodness you re-evaluated because I’m thoroughly enjoying your tweets from Mix07. Microblogging in where twitter finds its niche IMHO.

  9. sxoop says:

    heheh. Tom Raftery and I had a “robust discussion” about twitter last night. I know I’ve begun using twitter more frequently but I still don’t see it’s usefulness. Someone last night called twitter “bebo for the slightly more mature” – they nailed it.

  10. Jay says:

    I said this 7 months ago …

    “I want a service that automatically send my Delicious entries to Twitter!”

    … and just found this again because I’m still looking. A service that would turn annotation into a tweet, adding a tinyurl for the bookmark. From there, Twitter distributes to Facebook, etc.


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