New Company Logo

New Sxoop Company Logo
Your thoughts ?


12 thoughts on “New Company Logo

  1. Hmmmm, I’ve mixed feelings about it. I know DreamWorks don’t have the monopoly on crescent moons but I guess that’s the association I have in my mind because I immediately think of the arts,… bedtime stories and so on when I see it.

    On the other hand it’s refreshingly different….

  2. Ken McGuire says:

    Its not bad at all, drop shadow on the graphic seems a little out of place to me since it isn’t part of the text either. I’m not thinking dreamworks but I’ve got a craving for a turkish delight now :)

    Gradient itself is nice, logo is different, might lose the full stop at the end of the tagline.

    The two one-cent coins are firmly in the jar.

  3. Peter Knight says:

    Hi I don’t do logo design these days but this is what I’d recommend and I hope you don’t mind but I went ahead and made some of the changes below here and uploaded to

    so you can see what I mean.

    It’s a bit cluttered. Did you do this yourself?
    You can take some simple steps that would clean this up very quickly…

    The moon frame thing is a bit close to the logo. You need more whitespace in general. Also – love the moon…reminds me of Dreamworks etc and has magic and media connotations for me. Therefore, I’d add a little more stars, some feathering and maybe gradient into blue instead of just plain white. That looks more convincing.

    Lose the Full Stop. Drop the ‘>>’ too. It’s too generic and adds nothing to the logo. If you loose the full stop then increase the tracking on the strap line to be the same width as the line above or half that width. Thats going to clean things up right away.

    The ‘Sxoop’, grey line and Strapline are also too close. I’d lose the grey line and increase the leading on the two remaining pieces of text.

  4. sxoop says:

    Thanks for the feedback guys.

    I ran it by a few more people and they all ask ‘why the moon ?’ – I don’t have an explanation so I’ll probably drop it.
    Peter, I really like what you’ve done with the logo – it looks a 1000% better than my own effort.

  5. Ken McGuire says:

    Have to hand it to Peter, his changes are much nicer. Nothing like rounded corners for that added Web 2.0 style effect….

  6. Props to Peter. He simplified the logo nicely with great results. I’m not sold on the sleepytime, fairytale, moon-and-starts idea though. But maybe that’s just my problem. What’s the idea behind it?

  7. sxoop says:

    see comment #4 :-)

  8. Ah right, yeah. You’re better off having a story behind your logo because big-mouthed people like me will ask sooner or later! :)

  9. The tag line is too generic. Applications for web covers everything from spammy plaxo to MySpace. Define yourself my friend…

  10. Good debate here. Sometimes hard to do this when as a non-designer you know that something does not work for you – but you cannot verbalise why.

    Moon does nothing for me and may even be a distraction. I am behind the curve with that observation!

    Peter’s rework of the text is better – the original is too “ill-defined” and “stringy”. (See my problem!)

    Joe’s comment on the tagline is probably relevant – lash some of your strong personality and beliefs into that tagline Walter :-)
    Gotta say that taglines cause me endless grief trying to pin them down – especially the generic ones.


  11. Will says:

    It might be an idea to mirror the image.
    The logo shows a waning moon, i.e diminishing. If you want to keep the moon, you might want to go for a waxing moon.
    That and its a little less dreamworks-ish.

  12. walter says:

    Thanks for all the feedback guys. Plenty for me to chew on.

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