Pixenate + YahooUI = ?

OK. A request for readers to put on their naming hats for a moment.
Like all good customizable tools, Pixenate comes with a few sample themes to get customers started. While building a photo editor UI from scratch using the Pixenate Javascript API might be some people’s idea of fun (OK – admittedly I’m possibly the only person on the planet who might do that right now), most customers want to be up and running with Pixenate in a matter of minutes, so taking an existing theme and swapping out logos, or using the Pixenate Toolbar, is a quick way to do so.

I’ve been working on a plain Vanilla theme that uses minimal markup which I’m eventually hoping to use as part of the Pixenate API documentation. Out of the minimalist Vanilla theme sprang another idea – what if I mixed in some cutting edge 3rd-party Javascript library to spruce things up – add a little polish ?

Picking a suitable 3rd-party UI libary was a no-brainer. Yahoo’s UI library seems to be the best-documented library out there and it has some pretty slick UI controls/components which I’d first looked at last summer when the library was first released. Seriously – if you’re a web-developer you should take the time to use Yahoo’s UI library – heck – if you’re a web-designer you should get up to speed on this stuff too as these are going to be the building blocks of web front-end development. I take my hat off to the YahooUI developers – this is a great collection of code with great documentation and examples. My only quibble is some of the CSS in some examples needs to be cleaned up (duplicate styles in external and internal stylesheets).

Pixenate is not so much an online photo editor as a Web Development Kit for Photo editing. I have trouble getting this across and documenting the Pixenate API is at the top of my to-do list. Pixenate is not your father’s photo editor. It can be customized quite a bit and has been by many of our customers. There is no reason why you couldn’t mix-in any of the many Javascript Libraries with Pixenate.
So, to get back to why I’m posting this – I’ll be introducing a new theme that uses the Yahoo UI library but I can’t just call it YahooUI because the YUI license won’t allow it.

Neither the name of Yahoo! Inc. nor the names of its contributors may be used to endorse or promote products derived from this software without specific prior written permission of Yahoo! Inc.

So my question is – what would be a good name for the following theme…?
An early prototype of a forthcoming Pixenate theme that uses Yahoo's UI Library
Bear in mind this is just an early prototype and I’ve to add a lot more tools (resize, zoom, text, lomo, filter etc). Names that spring to mind right now are …

  • My-God-Its-Full-of-Dialogs (too geeky)
  • Tutti-Frutti (it’s Vanilla but with some Yahoo UI candy)
  • Erm … that’s it. I’m crap at naming things

So – any ideas for a good name for the new theme ?
The more adventurous among you might like to take a closer look first. As always, comments and quibbles are welcome.


4 thoughts on “Pixenate + YahooUI = ?

  1. Wow, I hadn’t seen Pixenate before! I think it’s very very cool. There are many times when I need to quickly crop an image and don’t want to boot a heavy desktop app – excellent.

    (And that’s without the bonus points you get for using our YUI Library!)

    Yahoo, YUI Team

    PS: I’m not a lawyer, so I can’t comment on the license question. To me, though, it doesn’t sound like an endorsement or promotion, though, I guess, I don’t have a “trained ear”.

    purplY ?

  2. Some ideas:
    Hui (pronounced Huey)
    Yahui ;) (pronounced Ya-huey)

    ummm. That’s all I got.

  3. Will says:

    If you are going to keep the ice cream theme (you came up with vanilla) then
    neapolitian … lots of slices
    casata … lots of little coloured bits in it

    You may want to check with IceCreamIreland to see if I’ve spelt any of those right.

  4. Yep. I’ve been using YUI for a while now. Their CSS Reset library is a lifesaver!

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