TechCrunched just in time for new features…

Michael Arrington - Oiled, Interlaced & Cornered.
I’ve just added 2 new editing tools to Pixenate (actually they’ve always been there – I just didn’t have a nice way of exposing them in a UI until ‘Preview’ came along).
Oil-Paint will turn your photo into a work of art (promise).
Charcoal will turn your photo into a charcoal drawing (without getting your fingers dirty).
The new tools are listed under ‘Show Fun effects’. They were uploaded earlier today – just in time for the real post-weekend techcrunch deluge to arrive.
Mike says some nice things about Pixenate. I saw Mike last June at Under The Radar. I was demoing alongside Paul Berry of Amiglia (very nice guy), Kord Campbell of Zoto and the guys from FilmLoop. Paul was like myself – bootstrapping – while FilmLoop (at the time) had about 30 employees and had just secured $7 million in funding. The filmloop guys gave a very polished demo and won the panel’s vote (amiglia got the people’s vote). If you had asked me back in June which of the 4 companies would be in the TechCrunch deadpool at the end of 2006, FilmLoop would have been the last one I’d have picked.

It’s a funny old world – this web2.0 scene.


One thought on “TechCrunched just in time for new features…

  1. Just shows you the Spirit of isn’t dead yet! Slow but sure is often better ..

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