Pixenate just got more interactive…

I’ve spent the past week deep in the bowels of Pixenate’s code, tweaking here and there, before introducing a new feature of the editor – Preview.

As you can imagine, letting users preview changes on a small thumbnail version of the image, before applying it to a full-size image, gives the user better feedback and let’s them experiment more with color settings – something that pretty much all of the more sophisticated desktop photo editors let you do. I’ve never been happy with Pixenate’s ‘Colors’ panel (3 sliders, a drop-down and no preview pane) and neither have some of our customers. Preview has been something I’ve been meaning to do for a while but have been putting off – perhaps knowing the impact it might have on the server. Lots of chit-chat back and forth between the client and server is not such a good idea but on the other hand you want to give the user as much feedback and control as they’d expect from a desktop app. This tension between user-interaction and server-performance is something common to all AJAX-based web applications. I’m reasonably happy with the performance results so far and now I think it’s ready to be put out in the wild.

So … I’m putting out another call for tyre-kickers.

This time I’d like you to play around with the Colors panel, the Sepia panel and the Interlace panel. Tweak the color settings to your heart’s content. Drag the preview pane around to reveal different parts of the image.

Play around and explore

I’ll be sitting here with a terminal session and top running – watching load averages very closely.


One thought on “Pixenate just got more interactive…

  1. Nice mention on TechCrunch!

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