Tyre-kickers required

Please head over to http://pxn8.com/ and give it a good kicking. There have been some code changes and some improved features (red-eye doesn’t suck so much now) and one new one (Add Text to a photo).
Please let me know if you see any problems.


4 thoughts on “Tyre-kickers required

  1. Cat says:

    Looks great in IE 6, but the sample photo isn’t loading in FF 2.0, and the links aren’t working, so I can’t load up my own sample to test.

    One issue we’ve had in customizing PXN8 is that we need more than one line of text. Is that in the plan for future releases?

  2. I can give it a push on spoilt.ie if you wish?

  3. […] has asked for us to kick the tyres on Pixenate.com. New features have been added including a preview, text, oil painting filter & […]

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