BarCamp SE

On saturday morning I took a leisurely drive to Waterford for the 2nd Irish BarCamp – this time held in Waterford. It was a great excuse to meet up with Web/Tech people but the day seemed to zip by way too quickly and I kind of regret not staying over or at least being able to hang around a little longer.
High points for me were…

  • Damien Mulley’s “How to piss people off” talk on his lobbying work with IrelandOffline. Damien spoke about funding for IrelandOffline and the refusal to accept money for fear of compromising principles (I hope I got that right – Damien ?) at which point Brian Caulfield posed the question “Do you accept anonymous donations ?” – a canny question for a Tech VC to ask – After all, widespread adoption of broadband means a bigger market for Irish Technology/Web companies – something I certainly have a vested interest in.
  • TJ McIntyre’s “Who owns software ?” session was very informative (if a little scarey). TJ is a barrister specialising in Software. It seems the issue of copyright , moral rights and ownership is a legal minefield.
  • Regretfully, I only caught the last few moments of the “Finding money for your startup” Panel. The panel were great – some great first-hand experience and some funny/cautionary tales from Bernie Goldblach.
  • I also got to hear Donncha’s wordpress talk (with some asides about working as part of a globally distributed team) and Justin Mason’s talk on Amazon S3 and EC2

All in all it was a great day – I just wish I could have stayed longer. Well done to Keith Bohanna for organising a great tech day out. Judging by the scarcity of BarCamp blogging (it’s Sunday Evening) it must have been a great night out too.


4 thoughts on “BarCamp SE

  1. Thanks Walter – good to meet up with you again and enjoyed your participation in the afternoon panel.


  2. Hi Walter,

    Good to meet you again. Sorry I didn’t get to say bye to you. I didn’t realise you weren’t going to be around later.

    Congrats again on going out on your own; I’m delighted for you.

  3. Ken McGuire says:

    Enjoyed your own speak in the afternoon panel discussion too, some nice little insights to PXN8 :)

  4. Lal says:


    I just did a review on the videos from “funding 4 startups” panel discussion

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