Troubleshooting Tip #1: Running Pixenate with Mod_Perl 2.0

We’ve recently had a couple of customers reporting the same issue when they tried to edit photos using Pixenate.
Whenever the user tried to upload or edit a file the server returned an “Internal Server Error”.

The problem is that, with any perl script running under mod_perl 2.0, the current working directory (the directory the script is working from) is not the same as the directory in which the script resides. This is a problem because Pixenate’s server-side code assumes that the working directory is the same directory in which the script/code resides. What’s more, Pixenate assumes that all of the supporting modules will reside in a ‘lib’ directory in the working directory so chances are the script won’t even compile when invoked from Apache.

Fortunately, the workaround is simple.

Near the top of there will be a BEGIN {} block. Inside that block, add the following code…

chdir "/var/www/vhosts/";
use lib "/var/www/vhosts/";

Make sure to change the Emphasised values in the code above to match your own directory structure.

Do the same thing for and you’re done.

update: If you’re comfortable tweaking mod_perl’s configuration, check out the following solution…


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