Mash my Pitch up

Are you an Entrepreneur attending Le Web 3 in Paris next month ?
Then you might be interested in a little mashup I just knocked together…
The organizers of LeWeb provide a helpful page listing all of the participants and their company names.
It’s easy to scrape the page searching for only those companies that have ‘venture’, ‘capital’ or ‘investment’ in their title.
It’s easy to present this information in a new page with a ‘Search Flickr’ button next to each name so you know in advance what these potentially helpful people look like.

Take a look at the results.

What do you think ?
Is helping Entrepreneurs and VCs meet, a good thing ?
Or is this just a tad anti-social ?
Have I just made myself some rich and powerful enemies ? ;-)


6 thoughts on “Mash my Pitch up

  1. Brilliant! :)

    I don’t suppose you fancy doing that for the future of web apps? As an attendee they have a page listing all others under different categories.

  2. A page of thumbnails would be the icing on the cake :-)

  3. One glitch in it on Danny Rimer from Index Ventures for some reason.

    Some which don’t appear due to the names of the companies:

    Accel Partners: Simon Levene, Harry Nelis, Avid Larizadeh, Judy Gibbons.
    Partech: Andreas Schlenker, Helmut Shoen, Philippe Collombel.
    Ventech: Eric Huet, Said Sebti, Alain Caffi.
    3i: Daniel Waterhouse

  4. sxoop says:

    “A page of thumbnails would be the icing on the cake ”
    I think late-binding (let the humans do it) is better than early-binding for this project.
    Not sure how Danny slipped through the net – just as well this isn’t a mission-critical app. ;-)

  5. If you want to full criteria search for VC’s contacts names and phone numbers there are 3500 listed VC’s from all over the world at

    Use the drop down menus to find:
    How Much you need
    Industry you are in
    Stage of Funding you are at
    Type of Financing
    Country you are in
    Or even a key word search

    And the outcome is a list of all VC’s that fit your criteria. Names contacts, phone numbers, links to their websites, email addresses.

    Best of all there is no charge

    Gerry Brandon

  6. Lal says:

    your results link is no longer working so can’t ‘see’ what u were doing.

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