First there was BarCamp. Now there’s “minibar”…

I like this…

You thinking about creating the next, flickr, or Web 2.0 start up? You think [[Insert your town/city]] lacks opportunities to meet up and discuss those ideas?
For those who don’t have time to attend a full BarCamp, some of us have come up with MiniBar, a chance to snaffle some free beer while discussing p2p, Creative Commons, web applications, social networking and general Web 2.0 mayhem & fandango.
It’s fun, it’s free and you don’t have to bring a sleeping bag.

I was chatting with James Corbett last week about face-to-face meetings. James felt BarCampIreland was too formal (in which case we screwed up – BarCamp is meant to be anything but formal ;-) ). James suggested smaller more frequent meetups so minibar should be right up his street.

Let a thousand minibars bloom.

update: James is getting the ball rolling with a minibar in Limerick this friday. Let us know how it goes James.


6 thoughts on “First there was BarCamp. Now there’s “minibar”…

  1. Woah, I certainly don’t think you guys screwed up,… on the contrary BarCamp Ireland was the best IT event I’ve yet been to (as I said at the time).

    What I really meant, even if I used the term ‘too formal’ is that it’s almost too ‘big’ an event to hold regularly and I’m inclined to think that frequency of meeting/networking is more important than the size of the group.

    I suppose I think there needs to be a complementary event to BarCamp and this miniBar certainly looks like it fits the bill. :-)

  2. sxoop says:

    self-effacing “wink” smiley added ;-)

  3. […] Walter talks about the idea of Minibar – a smaller, less formal version of BarCamp. Come along, have some beer, listen to just one talk?, have more beer and network. I like the idea of that. Jaysus Dublin, Limerick, Galway, Kilkenny, can ye not keep up? barcamp blogs cork ireland irishblogs minibar sponsors talks […]

  4. Make mine an Erdinger.

  5. “Let us know how it goes James.”

    Sure. I don’t know really if it qualifies for the ‘MiniBar’ label but ‘geek dinner’ is sounding tired and I’ve a feeling it puts off a lot of the cooler geeks ;-)

  6. […] While Cork may kick ass for tech events, Limerick is proving to be the place for the best regional blogs with the Limerick Blogger, Alive in Limerick and The Newswire all reporting on Limerick. blogs crimeline ireland irishblogs limerick youtube […]

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