Perlico sucks

Being the “tech guy” among relatives means I’m often called on to help fix or setup computers / broadband.
A relative recently signed up for Perlico broadband and received her wireless router today.
I called around and set up the router but she hadn’t received a username and password so couldn’t connect to the Internet.
“No problem” I thought – a quick phone call to Perlico should sort us out.
I rang their customer support number, and was kept on hold for more than 20 minutes ! before I gave up.
That’s 20 minutes listening to Sting and Coldplay and being repeatedly told “A member of Perlico staff will be with you shortly”.
Perlico are running ads on TV in heavy rotation.
They should spend less money on advertising and more money on Customer support.
What kind of ass-backwards company spends all that money on advertising but doesn’t even hire someone you can talk to to sort out tech problems ?
I wouldn’t be so annoyed if they simply had a message saying “Our office hours are 9am to 5pm” but no, they kept me on hold for 20 minutes under the pretence that they had staff available to answer my call.
After this evening’s experience with their Crap Customer Service, there is no way I’d recommend Perlico to anyone I know.
Steer well clear of these cowboys.


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  1. Walter, EsatBT are the same. I’ve tried a couple of times to get in touch with them on behalf of some elderly neighbours but had to give up at around the 10-20 minute mark too. :(

  2. Donncha says:

    Good to know. I’m tempted by their cheap prices but I’ve steered clear of the smaller firms sellind broadband.

  3. A cousin of mine has been experiencing a similar scenario with Perlico. He’s been paying for their broadband service for more than two months now and it’s still not working. I’ve lost track of how many times he’s phoned them. He’s had a networking guru friend of his around to see what the problem might be and they couldn’t figure it out. I’d heartily second the recommendation to stay clear.

  4. Dermot Lynch says:

    I was tempeted by the price of Perlico’s broadband service and talked to one of their sales people who repeatedly assured me that I wouldn’t be cut off from my Eircom broadband until their service was in place and ready to go. So I ordered service from them, with the result that the following Friday, Eircom, on instruction from Perlico, cut off my service. Of course not only was the Perlico service not in place, but when I contacted them on the Saturday to tell them, and by the way 20 minutes would be about an average time listening to their recordings, not an extreme – I’ve had one of 40 minutes, it transpired eventually that they hadn’t even made any arrangements to send me out the router and hadn’t even generated my username and password. It also transpired that their broadband department, who generates the username and password, don’t work weekends so there was nothing, I was told, that could be done until Monday.
    So on the Mondy I contacted them again and tried to get my username and password – but get this, and this is mind-blowing – their broadband department doesn’t have a phone number that either I, or their other departments can call – their only contact with them is by email and so I would have to wait until their broadband department emailed customer services back with the username and password and then they would ring me with it. That evening, I did get a ring with the said username and password to find that they were wrong so one of their broadband technical support people (this function is out-sourced by Perlico) siad I would have to contact customer services again and ask for a temporary username and password to tide me over until a correct, permanent one was issued to me. So, after another 20 minute tape listening session, I asked for same and was told, after the agent checked, that they do no and cannot issue those.
    On the following day, Tuesday, the router arrived but it took another chat, with obligatory tape waiting session, to their technical people, to sorted out two errors with the username and password as given to me, and I got my broadband service going.
    On the Wednesday I got my welcome letter with my correct username and password.
    Apart from all the inherent warnings in the above, there are a couple of things that people ought to know. One is that with contracts of this type, the company has 30 days to provide the service under law. Another is that there is only 10 days cooling off period from the time the contract is agreed – that is the order is made. After the 10 days you are locked into a 12 month contract, as long as the supply is in place before the 30th day after the order. If a complaint is made the company has 10 WORKING DAYS, in which to investigate it before it has to reply. Another point is that the company, when a customer asks to make a formal complaint, is supposed to issue a complaint reference number, which didn’t happen in this case on the Saturday when I requested to make a formal complaint, but did so on the Monday after I pressed them on the matter, after consulting COMREG, who wised me up on the reference number issue.
    All in all, with perlico, I reckon I spent at least 3 hours listening to their various taped messages and musak and about a similar length of time being given the run around, sometimes by people who obviously didn’t know what the hell I was talking about and who hadn’t any hope, or intention of helping me.
    In total I talked to 7 different people representing Perlico, and it seems obvious to me that further training is needed by some of them at least, and that Perlico’s systems of operation need to be revamped and their lines of communication, especially within themselves, need to be made a lot more effective.
    My service seems fine so far, but maybe slightly slower than I was recieving from Eircom, but only slightly, though technically it should be identical. The service is a lot cheaper over 12 months, but with all the aggravation I went through and the lies I heard, I’m not altogether convinced it was worth the effort.

  5. sxoop says:

    Really sorry to hear about the problems you had with Perlico – And I thought my problems were bad.
    The sickening thing is – perlico just got tons of money from a consortium of builders – what do you think the chances are they’ll spend that money on customer support (where it’s badly needed) and not spend it on advertising ?
    I think you need to repost your comment on and other additional blogs to get the word out. Do you have a blog yourself ? Have you posted about this elsewhere ? I would definitely link to it.

  6. Evert Bopp says:

    Guys, what did you expect?
    This isreland after all, Perlico just conformed to the standard…


  7. Brendan says:

    Well I am glad I am not the only one having toruble with perlico.
    What a bunch. I must admit though that customer and tech support calls were answered very quickly compared to most but the tech help was prety useless in that they have no real control in terms of restting passwords etc. As the other gentleman said, customer support have to email them to get accounts changed. The accout nanme was incorect and missing the @ when I got it.
    They don’t help themselves either by having dizzy D4 cows working the customer support, promised the earth and delivering nothing.
    I think they actually get a kick out of it.

  8. Emmett McCarroll says:

    To add to Perlico tales of woe …….. their Sales Force are prepared to lie through the teeth to get a sale. I was told you will get a “pack” sent out if you say YES and you will still have 10 days to change your mind. I depend on my broadband with a static IP address for work purposes and I told them not to touch it …… just the phone line ……. days passed ……. no pack ….. I rang them after 5 days and said “Wheres this pack?” I was then told no pack is sent out until you are up and running with them …….. I said that in that case I wanted to cancel my decision to move to them ……… 4 days later my broadband stopped working …… they had sent Eircom a request for switching the service and THEN told me that due to regulations it would be 14 days before Perlico could activate my broadband again. “Seemless switchover” they said …….. “10 days to cancel” they said …….. they now tell me that once anyone verbally agrees to go to them …….. no cancellation can reverse the process …… this message comes to you courtesy of DIAL-UP as I STILL await a resolution …… stay clear of Perlico which I can only assume is Latin for “total crap merchants”

  9. Anyone got a transcript of the Joe Duffy show where Perlico were basically shown to be somewhere between cowboys and gangsters?

    Esat still annoy me but tech support is usually competent-ish and I get through fairly quickly. The DSL connection does drop every couple of hours which is very annoying and never happened with Eircom on the same equipment at both ends.

    C’mon LLU.

    Evert, when is Wimax going to be in West Cork and do you need a Beta tester?

  10. I didn’t know about the Complaint reference thing (Dermot’s post , No 4.).

    Might have helped with my ongoing saga with 02.

  11. sm says:

    I’ve just moved into a house which has a perlico connection from the previous tenant that I don’t want especially after reading the above. I rang up Eircom who tell me Perlico have to do it. I rang up Perlico – more Coldplay – and they tell me that the previous tenant whos still liable has to cancel it. And it will take 2 days to do. Anyone know if I can get Eircom to diconnect the Perlico line?

  12. Mr Wilson says:

    I think everyone should remember that unless these smaller companies came into the irish market we would all be paying through the roof with eircom, and we also need to remember that these companies are trying to work with eircom to use the phone lines, if a problem arises its still down to eircom to fix the line, i myself am with perlico and as with other new companies there can be problems to start with, and i agree it was frustrating, but i find the service level now is excellent

  13. Samantha Jay says:

    I think you’s are all a pack of moany hole wasters! GETA LIFE!!! Sh*t happens!…. build a bridge and get over it!!!

  14. Michael Tivnan says:

    I wasgoing to sign up to Perlico broadband but after readind all those horror stories I think Ill go elswhere. Thanks for the warning guys.

  15. Craig says:

    Any recommnedations for a decent BB service in Dublin? I’ve Smarts at the moment but with moving house I have to sign up afresh. After 40 minutes on hold with the Smarts sales line I thought I’d check around before opting for them again.

  16. As an objective defender of Perlico. I am not a Perlico customer and speak only on what I see in the press.

    Perlico have experienced strong incremental growth for the past number of years with the company progressing very strongly.

    If I remember correctly, in the past 6 months they have secured an enormous number of ex-Smart residental customers which has probably put their delivery and customer support struture to strain.

    Probably in response to this and to further develop the company, they’ve recently secured further significant investment.

    From what I hear, there have a strong team of good people.

    In this, in my view, Perlico deserve loyalty and to be worked with them through a possible strain period that no doubt they are pulling through quickly.

    Don’t be too eager to switch….

  17. Victoria says:

    Perlico must be run by a bunch of baboons judging by there approach to customer care and service. Eircom need some serious competition to keep them on their toes and to keep prices competative but I’m hoping there is a better option than Perlico out there.

    I’ve had nothing but trouble with Perlico, I’ve been lied to, messed around and passed from pillar to post. All their advertising bangs on about how much money I could save – no wonder when I can’t make any calls!

  18. Roman says:

    perlico are great now all shut up and give them a chance the are a fully owned irish company were does your loyalty lie???….

  19. sio says:

    it took over four months to get the modem from perlico and this included over 30 long drawn out phone calls and only once did i recieve a call back.the customer service was one of the worst i have ever known.

  20. Mr McAliskey says:

    “James Corbett
    Posted November 7, 2006 at 8:24 am | Permalink
    A cousin of mine has been experiencing a similar scenario with Perlico. He’s been paying for their broadband service for more than two months now and it’s still not working……..”

    People tend to cherry pick, the success stories are seldom put on message boards… they dont appeal as much as the horror stories. People want to find flaws. I Work for perlico…. Most of the people i speak to every single day are happy to SPILL horror stories about Eircom, Talk Talk e.t.c

    “Anyone got a transcript of the Joe Duffy show where Perlico were basically shown to be somewhere between cowboys and gangsters?”

    Again, no telecomms company has an immaculate record. Eircom are the worst gangsters of all. They’ve had decades to clean up their act… they havnt. Perlico have only been about for 5-6 years… give the only Irish company a chance. Dont give your money to an Australian owned company!

    “From what I hear, there have a strong team of good people”

    Best company ive ever worked for. Call that statement what you will, but it does say something if they staff like their job and their management. Ive NEVER had that is any job.

    There will always be creases that need ironed out. Perlico will do that in time, they have just secured significant investment from Michael Smurfit… anyone in the know can bet he wouldnt put his money down the drain. He’s no baboon. Give the only 100% Irish owned company a chance! Keep your money in Ireland

    There will always be follks who get unlucky when transferring their telecomms and getting broadband set up. Lets not forget tens of thousands of customers happy customers in Ireland who are no longer being shafted by eircom.

  21. Emma O'connor says:

    I work for perlico sales and every day i’m there were signing up at least 50 people a day altogether and when you put that into a week basis ur talking at least 350 customers a week thats joined perlico. Every telecoms company has problems no one is perfect we are allowed to have them its what makes us human, when it comes down to it look at the facts, perlico are cheaper than eircom, perlico are the only true irish company out there, perlico are friendly, supportive and understanding and perlico always listen and learn. Why are people every day moving from the likes of eircom to perlico…cos perlico are better! be negative, stay away from perlico if you wish but thats your own bad cos you are the one who is missing out while everyone around you moves to perlico! i myself am from the south and by far i would back the southern company than anyone else!

  22. avoid perlico says:

    If i was you emma i`d get away from that crowd of cowboys at perlico as soon as you can.So what if 50 people a day a changing over theres a very simple reason for that, they are all suckers and im included in that,of course the prices offered by perlico look very temping compared to eircom but the differance with eircom is they give you wat you pay for.

    I seen all the tv adds perlico have so i think to myself jeez anyone who has that much time on tv cant be that bad How wrong was I. I like my brother aswell can agree with every complaint in all the other posts and we have both switched back to eircom even if they are a bit more expensive like i said before atleast they give you what you pay for i`ve never had any technical or customer service problems with eircom so i`m willing to pay the bit extra.

    And as for suporting 100% irish companies i dont care if its irish, german, chinesse or owned by my own parents if i dont get the service thats offered i want nothing to do with it

    But do I agree with some of your comment mainly the part about being “friendly, supportive and understanding”that is all true actually but unfortunatly it only applies to to sales team simply because its there job to suck people into the scam and with 50 clients a day signing on atleast someone at perlico is doing their job!

    maybe Perlico will sort themselfs out in the future untill then my advice is stay with what works and keep clear of perlico..

  23. D. says:

    Whether the company is Irish or not, whether they are struggling with new business or not, etc etc- is not at all relevent to whether or not they produce good service. Simply put, Perlico is a company who is simply not doing what they say they will do in their contract- indeed, they are unable – for whatever reason- to provide even a basic level of customer service.
    I too am the ‘techie’ in the family, and am fortunate to live in Kildare where the company “Irish Broadband” have a mast. I have been with Eircom, Esatbt and others in the past, and have had problems, ranging from small to hideous with all of them. Except Irish Broadband. They had me set up and out in a single morning, and they provide the cheapest high speed broadband in Ireland.
    My father is with Perlico- (or was until yesterday) because he happens to reside in the broadband deprived midlands. He has been back and forth with Perlico SINCE LAST SEPTEMBER. He still cant get the right password and has struggled for hours just to get through to some one- let alone get them to call him back.

    Here is what my father emailed them yesterday

    The following with
    Perlico “Customer Care” regarding my Perlico 180
    account which worked exactly one month out of the past
    seven months. Its worth a giggle.
    In a sick way, of course.

    Perlico “Customer Service”
    > This will be my last, hopefully, communication with
    > you on the subject of Internet Service of any nature
    > with your company. As a matter of record, my
    > ‘Perlico
    > 180 Account’ stopped working on Monday, 12 March
    > 2007
    > for reasons unknown, except for the message on the
    > computor screen that advised me that my password could not be authenticated.
    > I called Perlico Customer Service on Monday morning,12 Mar 07 and spoke to a ‘D*****’ in you ****** Office. He could not tell me when my sevice would be restored, but that he would send an email and get a new account name and password. Further he would call be back on Tuesday with the details. He first gave me
    the same details which are in the below email from
    > you, which do not work and which never worked.
    > The password and account name which functioned perfectly for the one month of the total of seven momths which I have been paying for this service is ********** As I have stated, this identifing data woked for about a month and was rejected by your server on Monday, and still does not work.
    > After seven phone calls over a 4 hour period on
    > Tuesday 13 Mar 2007, the response from various individuals in your ‘Customer Care’ was that they would send an email to D***** to call me with the details. When I told them that this was a nonsensical manner of doing business and that they should walk
    over and talk to him, I was advised that this is not the way Perlico does business. The early phone calls
    > told me that he would return my call shortly. Later,
    > I was told that he must be on a break. Lastly, I was told that he had took the day off.
    > Today I called several times to speak with ‘D*****’,because I had been told that he had all the information that I needed. No problem says ‘J*****’ in your ********* Office,that he would send him an email and ask him to call. Not only did D***** not call me back, but J***** didn’t either. In my third phone
    > call, I talked to ‘B*****’ and then again to ‘J*****’ who advised that ‘D*****’ really didn’t have the information needed to re-establish the 180 account after all. ‘J*****’ has promised to sent another email
    > marked ‘urgent’.
    > It is now 5:30 pm on Wed, 14 Mar 07. I have not
    > received any calls back from anybody from Perlico
    > on
    > this matter.
    > While I really resent the manner in which your
    > representatives have blundered their way along, I
    > feel that the greater issue is with the manner in
    > which Perlico isolates their employees and their
    > customers from Supervisory and Management people who
    > have the responsibility for taking the problem in
    > hand and presenting a solution in an orderly and timely manner. Your manner of doing business
    represents an arrogance that is beyond belief.
    I have now called eircom and received an account name and password within a one time, 10 minute phone call.
    I now have a flat rate package at the same price as Perlico for 150 hours per month. Their bill will be forwarded to Perlico who will undoubtably attempt to charge me for the service that I am not receiving and the eircom bill.
    Notice is given that you are to close my Perlico 180 account, effective today 14 Mar 2007.
    The questions as to why my servce was interupted and when it would be restored remain unanswered.
    > This email is being sent through an Eircom Server.

  24. Helen Behan says:

    Perlico are rubbish. I would never never recommend anyone to go with them.

  25. basically, i wouldnt recommend perlico to anyone, based on when i have worked for them! Their tech support agents havent a clue, so if you think you know more about computers, truth is you probably do!

    But they went through a sticky patch and there may have been one or two disgruntled customers, but perlico is a good company! Its hard when the lines you sell to a customer are owned and maintained by different people. If its perlicos problem, they will get it sorted!

    But i still wouldnt leave Eircom for Perlico! Its just not anywhere reliable as Eircom!

  26. Lar Fraser says:

    Here is the email I sent to Perlico today. I cannot believe, even now, that they haven’t been able to provide me with a BB service for 9 months.

    “Where do I start?

    Last July I moved from xxxxxxxxxxx to xxxxxxxxxxxx and I requested a changeover to this new address. the only service required is BROADBAND but I understand this comes with the normal line, rental etc. Without the BROADBAND none of this is of any use to me or my housemates as we all use our mobile phones.
    The DSL modem took at least eight weeks to arrrive after much to-ing and fro-ing over the phone trying to set up the account properly and then when it did arrive there was no broadband signal. I was promised that an engineer would contact me to rectify this situation, something which has still not happened. After some weeks of waiting I requested the line be terminated in November as by now I had lost all faith in Perlico’s ability to provide the service I had requested, namely BROADBAND. I was told that if the line was ceased then it would be impossible to restore in the future. So I said to stop billing me for a SERVICE which I wasn’t getting. the BROADBAND was cancelled from the bill but this still leaves me getting charged for a landline for which I have no use.
    At this stage I noticed a discrepancy in the billing situation and discovered that I was being billed twice, under two different account numbers.(xxxxxxxxx & xxxxxxxx). On notifying perlico they said to disregard the second account and that it and the bill would be cancelled. After some more time of being completely ignored by the engineering department I decide to move to another provider and requested again the termination of the line for changeover to the other provider.I also told Perlico that I had terminated the direct debit as I couldn’t see why I should pay for a service which I, quite clearly, wasn’t getting. Perlico said this would be fine and sent me my UAN (25th Jan) as is a formality on termination of a line account.
    When my new provider tried to connect to the line they were refused by Eircom as Perlico still hadn’t released the line. I spoke to Eircom and they said this had nothing to do with them although the new provider said they needed an Eircom account number to set up a new account. This was in february. then I recieved a Final Notice -Account suspended letter from Perlico with regard to the second account which they had said was to be cancelled, along with the obviously invalid bill saying Ihave been ignoring their requests for payment. I have had no such requests and was under the impression, as I stated earlier that this INVALID account had been cancelled. This letter is threatening legal action etc. I have no idea what this account is billing me for but when I queried this over the phone last friday two weeks 16th March I was told I would be contacted, again this hasn’t happened. I have had no BROADBAND now for NINE MONTHS but have nine months of bills to pay, an invalid account with a threatening letter attached and an absolute headache from hours of frustrating phonecalls to a customer service which has given me no satisfactory service. Perlico won’t terminate the line and insist on charging me for a service I don’t want.

    I am now considering legal action unless this situation is resolved.

    This query has also been submitted through your website


  27. jenny says:

    i have never in my life experienced such bad service. the seems to be no superviser of manager working in the place. i had money withdrawn off my laser account without my permission nearly a year after i finished using perilco. they are cowboys and it is dangerous to give they any details.

  28. david. says:

    are there not laws to protect people from these cowboys i lost hundreds of euros by dealing with them and i am still waiting for it back. monkeys would know more than the people in customer service. the are a pack of gansters………

  29. miriam says:

    perlico…..the worst’customer service’i have ever experienced in ireland. my problem started on 12/06/06..they should have set me up on broadband unlimited but they set me up on broadband lite in error. made 8 calls to their call centre in gweedore…staff very pleasant but have no power to do anything…they send emails to dublin…actually got speaking to a manager there when i requested to do so. she admitted she had no power. dublin is where its all supposed to happen…her supervisor was visiting gweedore that day and i was promised that this so called senior manager would deal… callback..never heard anything back from gweedore

    after my 8 calls though got a callback from a very arrogant sounding young man in what he introduced as the accounts department based in dublin…his attitude was like…..what’s your problem…..why are you hassleing us…..said he would arrange upgrade to unlimited in quite blunt cant really be bothered terms….as everyone knows if you are upgrading there should be no loss of broadband…but guess what….arrogant dublin boy cancelled broadband and i would swear he did this on purpose..
    i then called their complaints office based at sandyford…it was a monday afternoon at approx 14:30…the message was ..our opening hours are mon to fri 9 to 5….please call when office is open!!!…these are not the exact words but same message…
    i finally got through to a guy who really was trying to do a good job..i found several weeks later that he had left the company as had his manager maeve o farrell…
    i found out that arrogant dublin boy from ‘accounts ‘ also answers the phone in the ‘complaints department ‘ and introduces himself as a manager!
    after receiving 3 monthly bills with wrong charges…they charged me a cancellation fee for example for coming off lite..why cant they ‘divert bills in’ for manual adjustment when customers have issues instead of just letting the computer send out bills that are wrong..
    i agree with d march is impossible to speak to a real PROFESSIONAL that works to a structure of lead times..i was also told that the person who was dealing with my issues was on a break and that she had gone home sick…they take your name and your account number and if it is a complaint they fob you off.
    after getting advice from comreg i logged my formal complaint on 02/10..and got ref a letter dated 19/10…they waited the max time allowed to respond..i received a cheque for the refund of what i was owed…with kind regards from lisa curran head of customer care….no apology for the nearly 4 month delay ..the inconvenience caused in the many hours i wasted trying to get the matter resolved…printed on her letter was ‘PERLICO…IRISH CUSTOMER CARE AWARDS :FINALISTS 2006..!!!!! who nominates these people?

  30. Emma O'connor says:

    Hey sorry I am only commenting back to what you said previously regarding me getting out. I’m not currently working for perlico as I have moved to work with First Choice Holidays, to this day all I can say is I do love the thought of Perlico mainly for the fact it is pure irish, I only know one side of perlico that I personally worked in myself so I cant comment on other departments as I wouldnt truthfully know how good they are.

    Not all people within perlico are cowboys as some truely do care I know that as I myself did care for my customers as they like I were Irish and I dont mess people around personally. As to everyones comments each to their own, we are all entitled to our opinions and maybe you have been messed around I would never say otherwise. All I say is within every company in the world there are always few who care, as for all your misfourtunes I am sorry I personally had nothing to do with that but all the same I would hate to see anyone messed around as its just a waste of a persons time.

  31. j nolan says:

    I agree with all the negative comments about Perlico. I was connected to always on broadband and line rental with Perlico last August. I still have not access to broadband. I am todate using a dial up connection.
    There is no excuse left in the book for them to offer me regarding the lack of service.
    They have wasted hours of my time.
    Dont go near them for service. Bad news

  32. Dessie says:

    Nice to see all of you poeple giving out about a cheaper alternative to Eircom 100% Irish owned. No wonder the country now is full of moaning money grabbing people. Give them a chance without them you’d have nothing to complain about.

  33. avoid perlico says:

    well dessie you are obviously someone who hasn`t had to deal with perlico yet and how can you call them a cheaper alternative to eircom when 9 out of 10 of perlicos customers will tell how they have been charged for something they didn`t get at least with eircom you get what you pay for!

  34. Dessie says:

    actually i have had to deal with them and have been on hold much like everyone else only when it does get sorted it is actually cheaper.

  35. Ed says:

    I signed up for Perlico’s telephone service last year and have been very impressed with the service and value package I have recieved ( €29.99 per mth all local and national calls).

    In January as a satisfied customer I signed up for their broadband package and that’s where the hassle started. I waited for over a month and a half to receive my modem (well over the 21 days promised) and similar to others when enquiring about the delay all the operator could say was that they would email there broadband department and ring me back…. I have never once recieved a call back from them.

    I have tried to use their broadbad for the last two months (luckily on a free trial) and have been very disappointed. after several phonecall to the morons who blamed my computer (a brand new model), yesterday I was informed by one of their technical guys (probably the only staff member who knows what he’s talking about) I was informed that Perlico broadband does not work with Windows Vista and Internet Explorer Version 7.

    I have now changed my explorer to Firefox and it appears to work….. how come he could tell me that and all the other morons couldn’t

  36. dmd says:

    II had had a terrible experience with perlico I believe that most of these landline/broadband provided are a bit dodgy
    I was on a free calls deal with perico – but I think after about 1 or 2 months this was switched to a pay as you go deal without my approval
    By the time noticed and found time to do something about I had 5 incorrect bills – after numerous calls can days trying I finally got some solution I thought – they recalculated my last 5 months and told me I would be receiving a refund on my next bill and although she told me hot much I was over charged for each month says that the account department would do need to do it up properly

    when I got the next bill there was no refund – called them and they said it would be on the next bill, At this stage I decided to go back to eircom (there is another scam here as eircom say I can get broadband but perlico says I cant – sounds d like an eircom scam to me)
    waited for the next bill from perlico and when I got it there was no refund – called them and they ways it looks like the accounts dept have declined the refund because I did not inform them earlier
    she said she would get the account dept to call me that day the next (I had heard this before) but got no call I called them again a week or so later and got the same thing (Refund declaimed as I did not inform them in time) – I asked should I speak to someone in accounts and she said no. – also she should not see exactly what the discount was.

    signed up for eircom broadband by phone today – was told there is a Eur29.99 installation fee, when I says that I though the installation was free she said that is when you order on line but as she has done this (4 seconds ago) that the charge stands –

    The perlico Company is complete disaster – I will pay them what I owe less what I think they owe me – if perlico were the only phone provider I would not bother with a phone,
    eircom are not much better but if about choosing the current best of a bad lot

  37. i.y says:

    Perlico is a crap of a company and very unreliable they at all time try to twist your arm . i subscibed to broadband with them and have my phone line with another company after 6 month of using the broad band iwas hacked off without notice and after enquiry from perlico iwas told that ihave to get line phone rental from them before i can be connected back and i was told that i was supposed to know . Something should be done to this company by regulation body to control this company and save the consumers from this hardship from the arrogant perlico

  38. Mike says:

    I cancelled my account with Perlico last October, they continued taking money without my approval until March when I finally managed to get the correct dd cancelled.

    They have continued to bill me to this day and I’d only be happy to be taken to court and get the press into this properly.

    100% Oirish owned – who gives a toss – this is not supporting football, this is greedy businessmen taking joe public for a ride. I’ve never heard such twaddle, like I’d prefer to be robbed blind by an Oirishman as opposed to being shortchanged by a foreigner.

  39. Tony says:

    Well thank the good lord for Internet forums!!
    I was just about to log onto Perlico and switch over my landline from Eircom, but after reading these horror stories I can safely say I’m better off staying away and spending the extra few quid with eircom.
    You have my sympathies people and thanks for the heads up!!

  40. Ceasar says:

    Your all a bunch of Whining Moaners with nothing better to do………!

    Perlico are not a bunch of Cowboys and i’ll tell you why….!

    Firstly for all of you that say that the sales agents are Liars, You can all learn to OPEN your ears, Ok i’ll admit that sales agents do forget to give you some of the details while they are on the call, BUT!!!!!! (And here comes the Shocker), Once the sales agent is finished they must transfer the call to an ”Independant Company” called ”Verification”, (the name says it all) …….! The Verification agent has NO TIES to perlico and perlico is required to have this service by law, The Verification agent has access to Perlicos newly created account and Verifies the new customers order with Him/Her…….! They also read a Script of the contract, stating that there is Connection fee and the fact that your Broadband is a 12 month contract, And the most important question they ask is ”Do you accept the Terms and Conditions* of Perlico. (I’m pretty sure you all said ”YES”). Once you have accepted everything that the Verification agent has read out to you then you are in a Contact for 12 months, Bear in mind that this is a Verbal Contract that has just been recorded with you agreeing to everything and the recording of this contract is stored by the independant company. You can request it at anytime to hear yourself entering the contract because if you had said ”NO” to any of the Terms called out to you by the Third party agent then your order will not proceed and you will remain with your current Provider.

    Secondly, For those of you that spent years trying to get away from Eircom sadly this is not 100% possible as Eircom still own your degraded and sub-standard phone line. When a Perlico or Gaelic Telecom or BT customer gets a line fault then the Ignorant people at Eircom want nothing to do with you, (Keep in mind your line rental is still paid to Eircom through you new provider)
    They will advise you to contact you new provider instead of just taking your info about your fault and getting an engineer out to fix it asap. So, what you end up doing is calling Perlico or BT to tell them about your fault who in turn contact (Surprise Surprise) EIRCOM……………….! And what happens after that you say…….! Well eventually a Lazy and Clueless engineer reponds to the fault within 2 – 5 working days (this is the timeframe set out by ComReg).

    So as you can see, Ireland has become a bunch of Moaners that Moan about everything possible, when in fact its their own Stupidity and Ignorance that walks them into Contract, This is not Forced on them by some ”Cowboy” Company as Perlico must stick to the Guidelines set out by ComReg, and 99.9% of the time it does, otherwise they’d be in court most of the time and Bankrupt.

    And for all of you bitching that your line fault is still not fixed, BLAME EIRCOM, Perlico must stick to the Timeframe set out by ComReg (2- 5 working days) and Perlico notify Eircom immediately when you call in. Perlicos and any other providers hands are tied until this fifth working day has passed and then they may ask questions of Eircom Faults Dept as to why the fault is not fixed.

    So, now that you’d been informed of the facts, stop moaning, stop investing you money is Eircom, your forgetting that this is a company that for years made you terrified to pick up your landline phone to make a call because prices were too high, and lets not forget that Ireland is one of the only countries in Europe that does not have National Broadband Coverage, and whos to blame for this????? EIRCOM…….! For god sake the TV Company NTL has faster BB (up to 6Mb) and if you check out Sky Digital in the UK they have speeds up to 16Mb and Virgin Telecom have up to 20Mb.

    So C’mon people OPEN YOUR EYES and see that the only Cowboys in this country are Eircom and they are holding you and the Smaller more Competitive companies to randsom while the rest of Europe leaves a Backwards country like Ireland behind them all because they Own the lines and can do whatever the hell they like.

    And by the way i know all this because i work for Perlico!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Bernard says:

    So happy not to be dealing with eircom.
    Perlico are fine have had no probs and no serious waits for help desk issues.

  42. Rob Kelly says:

    I started reading the complaints about Perlico and soon got a bit fed up cos I have never had aproblem with them(any dept.).My bills are now cheaper and just as clear as Eircoms especially when I signed up and got the first couple of months of broadband dirt cheap. So I have no problems recommending Perlico to anyone, and I have been using them since Oct 06

  43. Mike says:

    Still being billed by Perlico after terminating their broadband some 9 months ago – cancelled the DD with my bank, but Perlico seem to change the request data when it bounces and I have to physically recall several attempts to take money from my account each month.


  44. Ed says:

    We thought Perlico had a good price, so we took them as phone and broadband provider. WHAT A MISTAKE!!! I recognize all stories above about lying sales and customer. This is an utter disgrace to put it politely. We moved address (within a town) and it took them nearly 2 months during which we had NO PHONE AND NO BROADBAND!!! They are now trying to charge us a reconnection fee etc in total of about 100 euro!! Yeah lowest price, my @SS!!!

    PERLICO’s CUSTOMER SERVICE IS GOOD… in keeping the customers confused and at a distance, so they can’t become too annoying… :-((
    (By the way, did you know they actually do not have a manager at customer service? But then, that person is not necessary since that department is not meant to be servicing their customers in any way…)

    We are now coming to our senses and are looking at another provider. This is unreal in 2007. I think Perlico is time warped and stuck in the 90’s with their customer service attitude.

  45. lee says:

    Where do i start….ON the 13th of April 2007 i called Perlico to change my number as i was receiving marketing calls at all hours of the night , this was their fault as well because i had opted out of the marketing stuff. I then asked the agent is there a cost for changing your number, “No there is not”, i was told. I also asked how long it would take, “8 hrs” was the reply. Over 24 hours later and i was still unable to make calls. I was in the progress of having my 4th miscarriage and a phone was of importance to me. Anyways, landed in hospital and got out a few days later and the phone was working. Then on the 20th i called to change my bank details. The agent took my details and i specifically asked the time frame for the direct debit to change. She said it would be as normal. On the 4th of May my broadband stopped working, i called and was told that a technician would call me back, which they never did. My phone then stopped working on the 6th. To cut a long story short, the girl that i gave my new bank details to did not put them on the system and i was therefore cut off for non payment. I called to ask that had she not changed the bank details then i would have incurred a charge from the previous bank and i did not. I was told there was no bank details what so ever on their system. So how does this company run, i wonder!!! I asked to speak to a suspervisor on numerous of occasions and was told that there was no one to speak to , they were either on lunch or just not there.They still billed me for broadband even tho it was not working from the 4th of May until i changed providers in June. They now want to charge me for line rental for a full mnth, they say it is in their terms and conditions that they do not refund part Payments then please read clause 9.2. Agents do not even know their own companies terms and conditions, and they were the ones that sent it out to me to prove that they do not refund. Sad and frustrating.

  46. Perlico employee says:

    Dial this number and wait to hear option 3 ………………….. 1890 886607

  47. Dessie says:

    Very funny,great idea.

  48. Dermot Lynch says:

    I just thought I would provide an update to my previous comment from last November. See Comment 4 above.
    I cannot complain about Perlico’s phone service, or their broadband service, since the initial connection, router, username and password problems were sorted. The service is very good and more or less uninterrupted and is quite adequate for my needs and usage. I would have to say that I am quite happy with their service and would have no problems recommending them to someone on that score.
    However, their billing is quite another issue altogether.
    It is now September and since I changed to Perlico Broadband, not once have I had a correct bill. I am, thankfully, one of those that is good at checking my bills, and I would strongly advise all to do the same with all bills from any provider, but especially broadband customers of Perlico. Every month when the bill arrived, or it was posted on their site I checked it and always it was wrong and always I contacted them about it, with a repeat performance the following month. I am not exaggerating here, when I say always I mean each and every bill I received was wrong, every month. I’ve talked to dozens of their Customer Service Representatives, in various parts of the country and eventually, in April, they appointed someone in their head office for me to deal with directly, along with a dedicated number for them.
    She, despite some of her own phone problems (!!), did her best to sort out the billing problems since November last year and eventually did, sort them out, only to have them replaced by new and different various items wrongly added to my bill. Each month I contact her as soon as I find my bill posted online, or when it arrives by post. Each month she does her best to sort it out and seems to grow increasingly embarrassed by her company’s performance. Each month she promises me that it won’t happen again and that measures have been put in place to guarantee that. Sigh.
    The list of wrong items on my bills is growing.
    1. A different phone package.
    2. A different broadband package.
    3. A connection fee (about 7 months after my free connection)
    4. A disconnection fee.
    5. A cancellation fee.
    6. Two months broadband instead of one.
    In fact the line rental disappeared totally from my bill for about 7 months but because of the change in package, my bill came to roughly the same amount. Each Customer Care Representative that I spoke to about this seem to have eventually thrown their hands up in the air and hoped that the problem would go away somehow. I didn’t give up though, which is why someone was nominated for me to deal with directly. The last time I got one of them to check I had clocked up a total of 35 calls to Perlico but that was months ago, and I guess it would now be maybe 50 or so. This doesn’t include calls to Com. Reg. and several other agencies.
    By way of an apology, Perlico offered me a free month’s phone service but I pushed for and got a free month’s phone and broadband service. This however didn’t stop subsequent bills being wrong.
    Perlico does have some good people working for it who try their best to sort out problems as they arise, but they are mostly hampered in this by the internal arrangements within the company, as far as I can see. They have been unable to offer any explanation for any of these problems, and I honestly believe they don’t know how they come about. Each department seems to operate very independently from the rest, with little or no cohesiveness in evidence. Not only does one hand not know what the other is doing, but is prevented from knowing. If, somehow they do find out what is going wrong, they are prevented from doing anything to correct it. Communication between the different departments seems to be very difficult for them and often leads nowhere and nothing being done. Training is badly needed by a lot of the Customer Care people, but mostly what they need is the ability to actually sort out problems. I have a very bog standard package on my phone line, €29.99 for all national and local calls including line rental, so that shouldn’t be too difficult to administer. By the way, if you ring the 1890 number for Perlico themselves or any other 1890 number, that is not classed as either a local or a national call and you pay extra for that. I also have a very bog standard broadband package for my broadband service at €16.99 per month so that shouldn’t cause too many billing problems either, you’d think.
    One further consideration – by the time my wrong bill arrives, it is already too late to correct it before the amount is taken from my account, due Perlico requiring 10 working days to process any credit to an account, with the result that because of their last wrong billing, the bill for June was overpaid to a degree that I will still have some credit on the one to arrive this month.
    It has now been ten months since I switched my broadband service to Perlico and I am still waiting for my first correct bill to arrive, but I’m not holding my breath. Sorry for being so longwinded but I wanted to be accurate and detailed in what I had to say.
    Service 9 out of 10. Customer Service 5 out of 10. Billing 0 out of 10.

  49. Anja Nohlen says:

    Just checking the market after having had similar experience with imagine: paid for broadband for 8 months, which never worked, only to find out that there was no broadband where we lived, been thrown out of email access straight away after that discovery, no access via dialup, because according to their data I was still abroadband customer, couldn’t even read my bills, they tried to claim that they didn’t receive the router I had send back… and on and on! I must have all in all spend days on the phone to them, no freephone mind you, must have been talking to about every single person in their call centre, until things got sorted more or less.
    If perlico has a similar reputation, jeezez, what can you do but go back to good old Auntie Eircom and pay through your nose? I just can’t believe how absolutely shitty the telecommunication services are in this country!

  50. john says:

    stay away from that shower.i had bb for 6 days and it went dead. after 100 phone calls and 100 requests to speak to a supervisor, still no joy. lies,lies, lies, lies, lies liars. they still owe me 200 euro a year later and its on my screen sir and its on the way to you sir. robbers, robbers,robbers robbers. 100% irish owned typical. all singing and all dancing perlico are in reallity all smoke and all mirrors perclo. bastards.

  51. Dessie says:

    Nice to see they were bought by Vodafone recently, they must be doing something right!!!

  52. Mary Joyce says:

    We left IFA Telecom and went to Swiftcall and later to Perlico (a total nightmare from bottom to top – except Mr. John Markey, Head of Customer Care who is a most decent guy and totally approachable) and now back to IFA.

    One thing about IFA is that they respond to emails so fast- unlike Perlico (Kathleen Geraghty, Customer Experience Manager of Perlico advised us to ‘Please do not forward any emails to any Perlico staff member’s personal email address. All email correspondence is to be forwarded to the designated email address only’ even though they never responded to countless emails to the designated email over many months and voicemails on her Head Office phone. The Customer Service Awards Ireland 2007 ( that Perlico appear to have won was actually ‘bought’ from the UK based company that organises the awards for paid-up members and a reward to Perlico as a ‘sponsor’ http://www.customerserviceawardsirel…/csaisponsors/- need i say more!).

    Bottom line is avoid Perlico and Ms. Geraghty at all costs if you want a stress free life! P.s. we lodged a claim with the Small Claims Court against the company for all the monies paid- so here’s giving some stress back to the friendly team at Perlico!

  53. Tan says:

    im currently obtaining information on perlico as they are one of the most rapidly growing telecom organisations within the UK. however what i have been reading on this link is a common problem with most brandbands. i think it is unfair to single out perlico as not having good customer service. i believe some of their staff are very helpful, as when i phoned all my questions were answered and the staff were really helpful and friendly.

  54. John Markey says:

    I work in Perlico customer service and just wanted to point out a few things regarding the original blog. First of all this issue is over 2 years old. During that time Perlico was experiencing a number of growing pains as we were swamped by people switching from Smart Telecom after the plug was pulled on them by Eircom. Obviously we couldn’t have foreseen such an event and were unprepared when the wave of switchers arrived.

    That said, we have learned a lot from that experience and took great pains to ensure that our customer service was top notch going forward. This was recognized through our winning the customer service team of the year award in 2007 in the Telecom sector. Plus we believe that our customer service is so good that we’re the ONLY telecom provider in Ireland to publish our customer service stats onine for everyone to see:

    Plus recently we were purchased by the Vodafone group – the world’s largest mobile service provider with is a testament to our high quality and growth in the Irish market place.

    But don’t only take our word on it. The great news is that our customers are appreciating all our hard work more than could ever be expected. We received over a whopping 140 complements last quarter, from our loyal customers all over Ireland. This is a huge credit to our organization. Here’s just but a few of them:

    I had a problem with my line yesterday, the 14th of December. I was assured the details would be passed on to an engineer and the problem would most likely be resolved in 2 to 5 working days. An engineer actually came round this morning, Saturday, and rectified the problem. I am absolutely delighted with the service I have received. Thank You. Jennifer H.

    Spoke to lovely lady called Danielle today 18th Dec; She was friendly, helpful and so down to earth. That’s what customers respond to, well done Danielle. Caroline H.

    Perlico was recommended to me by an aunt and i was enticed further by the current sale on the broadband/home phone package. I quickly signed up on line after contacting customer service to ask a few questions. The young man was friendly, efficient, easy to talk to and no question too much trouble. Looking forward to receiving my modem and becoming a customer. Mrs. Menton.


    Eircom have contacted us three times since we signed up with Perlico but cannot match Perlico rates, we are not changing. Mike C.

    Since moving from Eircom I have to say that the level of service from Perlico is excellent and miles ahead of what Eircom provide. Switching over was very easy and I have saved a lot of money already. Mr. Gilligan

    Thanks so much for the reply & sorry again for the hassle. I have to say as well, I rang up twice about this and both reps were bang on, customer service means a lot to me and anyone I was dealing with in Perlico know their stuff. Mr. Kearney

  55. Jarek Rozynski says:

    Yeah I agree – Perlico is a great company!! Been with them for years!

  56. Mick says:

    As with any ISP there are going to be issues. With Perlico you get what you pay for. Most of the broadband issues are the responsibility of the customer or at least can be resolved by the customer with a little help. Although apparently there are a lot of line faults but as the lines belong to Eircom Perlico must rely on Eircom to resolve the issue. The broadband support agents do what they can with what little they have. They use the same system as customer services and sales called SingleServe. With SingleServe they can only view/edit a limited amount details, make orders and report faults, so they are limited to what they can actually do with what software they are provided.
    The majority of Perlico staff are actually contracted from Rigney Dolphin ( based in Waterford, therefore they are not directly working for Perlico. Rigney Dolphin also has a far more beneficial contract with Meteor. Some staff have to work on a number of campaigns (for no extra pay or any benefits). Some staff are working for Meteor customer care, Perlico customer care and Perlico Broadband support at the same time! Meteor gets priority however as it is a larger contact and Meteor enforce stricter service level requirements. What’s a little hard to grasp is the fact that Eircom own Meteor and Vodafone own Perlico and many staff have to work for both sides. Agents could literally one minute answer a Meteor customer care call and the next answer a Perlico call! There have been days when Perlico’s customer care and broadband support service levels were down to below 20% as staff were put onto Meteor customer care because their level was well below their benchmark of 85% and needed to be raised otherwise Rigney Dolphin get heavily fined by Meteor.I don’t know how I’d feel if my contracted employees were being sent to work for the main competitor in their and especially in our time of need!!
    Those that are cross-trained on various campaigns cannot be expected to give 100% to any one campaign, the knowledge required is far too much and there are no incentives, just extra hassle and annoyance at those who only have one campaign to work on and also at those customers who have to be dealt with on that particular staff member’s secondary campaign. Basically staff trained originally on Meteor hate taking Perlico calls and vice versa. The training itself for Perlico is very minimal, 90% of it consists sitting beside another agent for a week and learning from them, especially including all their bad habits. There are two training guides provided, neither have any support for Macs or Vista. One guide is very sloppy with very a limited amount of information, the other only provides links to Perlico’s help & support section on the website. Perlico’s help & support section is actually very good but Rigney Dolphin block internet access so yet another hindrance.
    If there is an issue and an agent requires further assistance from another department they have to rely on emails which often to not get replied to or at least when they do it could be up to 48 hours later. Customers are always complaining that they never get call backs, a good reason for this is that the agent probably requested information from another department and that the other department hasn’t replied or is taking their time therefore the agent has no update and doesn’t bother calling back the customer.
    Perlico broadband support agents are expected to complete a call in 7 minutes, if they go over they face disciplinaries, eventually leading to dismissal. The call itself has to be less than 6:20 and then 40 seconds for ‘wrap’. The agents feel that this is a ridiculous target but yet it is strictly enforced without sufficient feeback causing much stress for agents. A similar company in the same line of business (DSL broadband) allows their agents 12 minutes per call and they have won many call center awards. They are also allowed time-outs for when they need to take a breather after a stressful call. In Rigney Dolphin you are allowed up to 8 minutes of PT (personal time) for a full shift, this time is to ONLY be used for going to the toilet, nothing more, not even to get a drink. As with everything else this is closely monitored. So if an agent is upset and even in tears from an irate customer they must remain at their desk and be ready for the next call within 40 seconds, certainly a cigarette is well out of the equation! For the unfortunates who work there it is similar to being back in secondary school!
    Basically the agents are undertrained, overworked, stressed and unsupported. When they try to add some fun there with games and competitions the main prizes mainly consist of alcohol! That’s all the agents need now to firmly put them on the road to alcoholism and depression!

  57. Mick says:

    I would like to add that Perlico has come a long way since it’s contract with MCI thanks to Rigney Dolphin but there is a long way to go. Outsourcing will always have it’s problems, especially regarding communication between departments. Rigney Dolphin has it’s own issues which then in turn reflects on Perlico. Interesting to note that Rigney Dolphin and Perlico are being nominated for Best Outsourcing Partnership in this year’s Contact Center World Awards!

  58. Jezebel says:

    I have been a perlico customer for a couple of years and would agree with most of you that their service has been poor but of late it does seem that they are improving and taking customers view point on board. They still have a long way to go!

    However, it is typical of companies in Ireland to provide poor service most services:
    are limited to long wait on the phone and people getting in trouble at work for being on the phone. Dedicated call centres!! what a load of crap that is staff dont have a clue
    Mon – Fri 9 to 5 or 9 to 7 no weekend service

    most people work these days how much after hour service does this country provide? if you are expecting a delivery person has to take time off work to wait for something that was going to arrive at 11AM but doesnt get there till 3PM!!!

    Ireland get with the times!!! might be one of the richest and most expensive countries in the world but it has a long way to go to reach advancement and I for one cant see this country capable of achieving that!! Just look at the fantastic transport system in place what a joke … sorry forget this was about Perlico:)

  59. Dee says:

    Perlico are robbers, Liars, and con artists. I have had the worst experience ever with them and I’m so out-raged!!!
    I recieved a letter today from Perlico’s Solictors to say that I have one week to pay €298.37 or ill be brought to court because the letters dated 5days ago I really have 2 days to pay this money which I do not owe them.

    It all began in June 2006 (yes, I have been nearly two years dealing with this cowboys) when i signed up to perilco for phone and broadband after six weeks I had not heard from Perlico so I rang them, I was told there was no accounte of my account. They said they would have to re-order. So I signed up with them for the second time. Three days later I found a cheaper provider that was offering me a qicker connection, I decided to go with the other provider as I had already been waiting six weeks for Perlico to set up my brodband only to be told I had no account with them.

    I told Perlico to cancel my order as I was aware that there was a ten day “COOLING OFF PERIOD”.
    So I was advised by perlico that my order had been canceled and I would not be charged.
    I went ahead and ordered with the other provider on the 11/07/2006, then on the 18/07/2006 i recieved a letter from Perlico saying Welcome to Perlico on the same day I recieved a Welcome Letter from my current provider.
    I was worried so I rang Perlico again I was told to ignore the welcome letter, that my account was canceled and i wouldnt be charged.
    a few days later the other provider contact me saying my account number was rejected, I called perlico 11 times in relation to my account number and they insisted it hadnt been changed, but it had!!!
    They had taken over my line I now needed a UAN number which I batteled with many customer service people to get because this was stopping me from connecting to the provider i wanted to go with.
    Eventually I got this UAN Number on a bill from Perlico on 08/08/2006. This bill was for €88.20. After many phone calls to Perlico assuring me this charge should not have been billed to me I never recived it in writing as i had requested many times. So sent them a long letter explaining everything and i requested the confirmed in writing I didnt owe them any money. At this stage i got legal advise and was advised that i did’nt owe them any money.
    19/08/2006 my sevice from my current provider was activated (AT LAST). I thought the nightmare was over but NO IT WASN’T!!

    08/12/2006 I got a bill from perlico for €188.45 charging me for phone calls that i made when I was with my new provider. This alarmed me I was paying my new provider, How did perlico even get access to my line to get a list of my Phone calls when my account was with some one else ROBBERS!!!!
    08/02/2007 a bill for €208.41 from perlico again with a ITEMISED BILL, HOW DID THEY ACCESS MY CALLS MY ACCOUNT WAS WITH ANOTHER PROVIDER???????
    08/05/2007 another bill for €238.38. Durning this hole period I was on the phone constanly to perlico trying to speak to someone who would stop this , no one rang me back ever and there was never a superviser avaible to speak to me so I put it all in writing AGAIN and posted to them, NO REPLY!!!
    Since then I recived FINAL NOTICE’s to pay and today 02/04/2008 i recived a solictors letter saying I owe Perlico €298.37. immeditly or they will issue legal proceeding and I will forced to pay there legal fee’s and Inerest.

    I HATE PERLICO!!!!!!!!

  60. david says:

    since i dont have broadband i use my friends account,was looking at all the offers perlico offer i thought i woulg sign up with them,but do you all relise you have actually a slower connection too your broadband because of the line ratio,but after reading this page i will stay well clear

  61. ComEir says:

    Eircom still own more than 85% of the market corner says it all….Perlico is a joke

  62. Lionel says:


    I wish I had come across this website before I switched to Perlico. I have been with Perlico 2 months now and have had nothing but problems with them. My first 2 bills have been incorrect and have been overcharged. Perlico tried to overcharge me the first month I had broadband for over usage of 6 gigabytes……Luckily I had measured the usage myself and they were completely incorrect. The website where you can check your usuage (my account section on not update for days on end, I made this aware to perlico tech support and finally I got one guy to admit that they are having problems with the usuage website and he noted on my account that I should not get charged as this is their error. The following month again the website never updated and I have to check my usage myself. SO PLEASE BE AWARE AND I SUGGEST TO USE DU METER SOFTWARE TO MONITOR USAGE !!!!as perlico will overcharge you even though its their mistake………..also Perlico are charging me for rental equipment on the Bill….I queried it and they said they are billed by Eircom for a phone I am using…when I explained I have no Eircom phone and never have had they told me to get onto Eircom. I called Eircom and they said sorry they can’t deal with me as I am no longer their customer and all queries must go through perlico to their wholesale dept. I called perlico and explained what Eircom had advised and the agent at perlico told me this is incorrect and I have to sort it myself and if Eircom do not help me to threaten Eircom with Comreg!!!!!!I explained to the agent that this was crazy as I am not billed directly and if I was Eircom I wouldn’t deal with me directly either as it dooesn’t make sense!!!!She said if I didn’t call them back then I was refusing their solution and they couldn’t help me further…….I asked to speak to her supervisor and she hung up!!!!!!!!!!!!I called back extremely angry and finally got to speak to a supervisor…….he said the previous agent should not have asked me to contact Eircom threatening COMREG…and the information she gave me to was incorrect although I did have to sort it out myself as they are billed by Eircom and its not their problem. At this stage I asked to speak to a manager and the supervsor explained this was not possible. I ended the call and kept calling head office until I got the name of someone that could help me. The issues are still ongoing and I have called Eircom and have requested my line be switched back to them…..Although they are more expensive I have never had to call them in 15 years for anything!!!!!!Watch this space for the conclusion!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Perlico Man says:

    Half the people who commented on this and gave good reports actually work for perlico.

  64. laura says:

    give them a break, you b****H and moan about what customer service and tech agents do for like they have nothing better to do than make your life miserable, they can only do what they can and they cant control what the people higher than them are doing or not doing, these a people that have to work to make money just like yourselves,

  65. Vera Poppins says:

    I switched to Perlico two years ago and was always very pleased with their service until the beginning of the year. I received a huge bill for my broadband usage and when I queried it I was told I had to pay it as I had used it. A friend of mine works for the BBC and he told me that his entire department wouldn’t download the amount I had allegedly downloaded but Perlico took the money none the less. As it turns out, my big bill coincided with a time when Perlico were experiencing technical difficulties with their Broadband service and since they had ‘technical difficulties’ after which I was left without a broadband service. Yet, despite repeated phonecalls to Pelico and despite a variety of explanations from their staff I still had no broadband but they continued to take money from my account every month for it! Finally, at my wits end I decided to cancel my subscription to Perlico in April and despite having received a letter from them confirming this they continued to bill me for a broadband service they hadn’t been providing since they experienced ‘techinical difficulties’ January. They also informed me that as I changed my landline number in June 2008 I was being charged a cancellation fee as my contract was less that a year old, yet at no stage did anyone tell me I was entering a new contract when I changed my number. They are now looking for their modem back or they will charge me for it. What a nerve!!!

  66. Liza says:

    Recently my other-half stupidly switched from Eircom, landline and broadband, which worked perfectly for countless years, to Perlico. Now, when the landline is working the broadband is not, and vice versa. Then there are the endless intermittent failures with the connection, which is probably even worse than having no connection at all, because half the time we think the fault is at our end. Heads are going to roll! I just have to decide who to go after first: Perlico, or my stupid otherhalf for changing over to them. My old granny was right: “You get what you pay for.”

  67. Lara says:

    Well – my experience with PERLICO is similar to some of yours and by now I am more than upset with them! So, here it goes: One of my flat mates did the contract in his name, which was more than a year ago. In April he moved out and as I am the only one left in the house I thought I just tell Perlico to change the account into my name instead. So I wrote them a letter, explaining everything. 2 weeks later I received a letter telling me, I have to call them, which I did straight away. The customer service representative told me, that the current account holder has to send a letter (or email), saying that the account has to be changed into my name – which he did. Well, the next phone bill was still in his name. So he sent another one. Again, the next phone bill, still in his name. So he called them again and being told that we have to send Perlico a letter with both of our signatures. We did that – still no change though. They must ignore those kind of emails, phone calls and letters, because it is nearly September now and still no change of the account holder has happend so far. Well, my friend is going to cancel the DD now as he is more then fed up with them….I am going to change to another provider – any suggestions, which one would be best?

  68. imelda says:

    i just signed up with perlico before i when’t on a weeks holidays and came back to find our phone did’nt work so rang perlico and i have to say i got through straight away . and the next time i rang got the same , at this stage i said third time unlucky but no got through straight away so i can’t complain.
    anyway they said it would take 2 to 5 working days for eircom to fix line.
    i asked the lady named ashling nicely is there any chance of it been quicker as i use the line alot and she said she would do her best.
    one hour later it was all fixed, thanks ashling.
    hope i havent jinks things .

  69. aris maniago says:

    stay away from the above company. had problem from day one. costumer support quite helful if they ever answer your call …. but the network …. too bad. currently on 3mb but only getting less than 1 mb. thats like paying for a pint of beer and and only getting less than 1/3 in the glass. now you know how i feel. COULD NOT RECOMMEND PERLICO TO ANYONE.

  70. Catmc3 says:

    I was with Perlico and never would i again.I was paying by dd each month and did not sign up for online statements.One day i went to make a call and my phone was cut off.I rang Perlico who would not speak to me because i was female and the bill payer was male???even though it was my bank acc paying bill.When they finally got permission off my husband to speak to me,i was told that they had had a falling out with Aib and hence all Aib customers dds did not go thru for the last 3 months.It was apparrantly my fault for not checking online that my bill wasn’t payed and that they didn’t have to send me notification because i had signed up for online statements.When i said i absolutley didn’t,i was basically called a liar and was offered no apology.I found the name of someone in complaints dept in Dublin and i emailed them telling them the bill was paid and i was going back to Eircom because of their terrible customer service.I got a phone call back off a very rude D4 lady who told me if i was switching companies she wasn’t wasting her time talking to me and hung up.Thats Perlico for you…..AVOID

  71. john ryan says:

    Anyone heard of any solutions to wireless dropping on Perlico b4 I go take my business elsewhere ? Not bothered to call them as it sounds like it will only make things worse !

  72. Danny Poetra says:

    This blog give me information that i need … tx :-)

  73. aris maniago says:

    february 2010 now ,… same story …. can’t wait for my contract with perlico to expire …. any proven reputable phone companies out there to switch? HEEEELLLPPPP!

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