Happiness-inducing Software

I’ve been gathering a few more customer testimonials. It’s always good to hear customer feedback (especially when it’s glowing :-).
I’ve just updated the Pixenate product information page and added the following customer quotes…

We are very satisfied with PXN8 – Actually, I haven’t been so happy about a piece of software for a long time.

(emphasis: mine)
That’s from Menno De Wit at Dynamic Marketing: a customer in the Netherlands who have customized Pixenate and added their own jaw-droppingly gorgeous UI. I _love_ that quote. Hearing that kind of feedback makes it all worthwhile. Making software that doesn’t just meet customer expectations but makes them happy – now that’s a goal worth aiming for.

Here’s another one – this from Jimmy Zhen at the Katera Group (no URL yet).

Powerful image editing suite and amazing support. PXN8 saved us time and money!

Using any White label technology often boils down to a “Build vs Buy” decision. I’m hoping that testimonials like this will help make that decision easier for potential customers.

Sxoop is a small company and fanatical support is one of the ways it competes.

More testimonials to come…


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