BarCampIreland wrap-up

The first BarCampIreland is done and dusted. What a great day !
One of our biggest fears was that there wouldn’t be enough speakers for the event. We needn’t have worried. On the day itself, the BarCamp crowd really got into the spirit so there was no shortage of Talks going on at any time. In fact the problem on the day was there were too many great talks going on and choosing which talk to go to next was a problem – albeit a good problem.

I have to thank Michael Bambury who graciously let us use the shiny new WebWorks building. What a venue ! People were mightily impressed by WebWorks.
A big Thank You to all of BarCampIreland’s sponsors. It simply wouldn’t have been possible without generous contributions from the following…

  1. Webworks
  2. Howard Holdings
  3. Qumas
  5. Heineken
  6. Bubble Brothers
  7. Trinity Venture Capital
  8. Hosting365
  9. Sigmar Recruitment
  10. Madgex
  11. Blacknight Solutions
  12. C&C Group

There was plenty of food, wine and soft drinks on the day as well as free BarCampIreland T-Shirts!Timetable

Simon McGarr kicked off the event with a Talk about Data Retention. Everyone who came early attended this one.
As more and more people trickled in throughout the morning, the Timetable started filling up. I was a little nervous early that morning – not about my own Talk – but that the event would be successful. It turns out I needn’t have worried. The BarCamp crowd (I hate this distinction between attendees and talkers) made sure it was a great success.
One piece of advice I’d offer to anyone organizing the next BarCamp is to have someone in each session keep time so that Talks don’t overrun. (this seemed to be a common problem during the day – I was shocked when my own Talk ran over 30 minutes – I really didn’t think it would last more than 15).
I got to see Conor’s talk on Microformats. Although I’ve worked with Conor I had never seen him present before. He’s a natural !
His Introduction to Barcamp on Saturday morning really helped people get into the spirit of BarCamp. If anyone has recorded video of this – do future BarCamps an enormous favour and post it on the Internets for future BarCamp organizers to see.
Brian Caulfield of Trinity Venture Capital gave a great talk on accessing VC funding and exploded some of the myths surrounding Venture Capital.
I had a few sambos and a glass or two of white wine for lunch before my own Talk at 2 o’clock , ostentatiously titled “Javascript Mindbombs”. This was probably one of the most relaxed talks I’ve done. I wasn’t pitching my product or company and I got to talk about some of my personal programming heroes (Tim Bray, and the unsung Yusuke Kawasaki). It was great being able to stand at the top of a room and not have to talk about yourself or your own achievements but to talk about the cool stuff other people are doing. I’ll hopefully post the slides here soon but they won’t make much sense outside the context of the Talk.
I was hoping that there would be some photos tagged with BarCampIreland on flickr by the time I did my Demo (it relied on there being some photos at least). The BarCampIreland crowd didn’t disappoint and by 2pm saturday there were already loads of photos.

After my own Talk I went to see Keith Bohanna’s “Long tail of business” talk and caught the end of Stephen Downey’s AJAX talk and James Corbett’s OPML talk.
After the afternoon coffee break a few of us gathered in the 1st floor for the Pecha Kucha session. “You’ve got to attend this” – I told anyone who was curious. I won’t disclose much about the session but it was a lot of fun. Something the next BarCampIreland organizers should definitely consider doing. (Yeah I’m being a bit mysterious about this – talk to Emmet for the low-down).

I got to chat very briefly with Haydn Shaughnessy. I’ve just recently found Haydn’s blog. He’s prolific, erudite and his coverage of the European Web2.0 scene is without equal. Haydn appears (to me at least) to have come out of nowhere but he’s obviously been writing a long time (He’s a longtime freelance writer). We chatted briefly about the Valley-centric nature of Web2.0 blogging. Haydn is doing more than his fair share to redress that imbalance.

Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to after event drinks in the BierHaus – I hear it was fun.

All I can say to sum up is: Thanks for the experience – it was religious.

Update: The slides for the Talk I gave are available here. I’m afraid they won’t make much sense on their own but there are links to some worthwhile reading on each slide.


3 thoughts on “BarCampIreland wrap-up

  1. […] Thanks to Damien, Conor and Walter for all their hardwork. […]

  2. You should be able to feel the heat of my blushes from here. Thanks Walter!

  3. […] And then came Petcha Kucha. This should be a mandatory session at every BarCamp. Like Walter, I won’t ruin the surprise of what we did at it. But can I just echo the most important idea that came out of it: “wallpaper design”. […]

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