WordPress.com finally let you roll-your-own style

I’ve been waiting for this for ages and finally WordPress.com let you hack your CSS rather than using one of the predefined themes. (It’s a premium service.) The problem I had with all of the themes was, they were way too narrow so even medium-sized images were cropped by the containing DIV (I guess the designer assume the default screen size is still 640×480). IANAWD but I like to have at least a little more control than the predefined themes allow. For the current style, I’ve (ahem) borrowed heavily from http://drunkmenworkhere.org/. Yeah – it’s nothing that a web-designer would jump up and down about but you just can’t beat the brutal readability of black-on-white text. That drunkmenworkhere.org site is I think absolutely beautiful but then again I’m a programmer not a web-designer so what do I know ?

(IANAWD: “I am not a web-designer” – a precursor to commenting on a site’s design when you have no business doing so)


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