Rick Segal & Shel Israel are back in Cork on Sept 9th


Rick Segal & Shel Israel are visiting Cork on Sept 9th as part of their world tour. I had the opportunity to talk with Shel back in June at the Cork Web2.0 miniconference and I’ve been following Rick’s blog for a long time. While I won’t necessarily be pitching PXN8, I would certainly like the opportunity to have dinner with Shel & Rick when they visit. I will be in Brighton at the dconstruct conference the day before, but I will definitely try to make it to the dinner at 6:30pm in Taste of Thailand, Cork.
Any Irish tech startups should make it their business to talk with these guys. If you are interested in meeting Shel & Rick, please leave a comment at Tom Raftery’s original post (above) or at Pat Phelan’s blog.
The event is also on upcoming.org

Update: Shel & Rick have had to postpone their world-tour but hope to go ahead before the end of year.


2 thoughts on “Rick Segal & Shel Israel are back in Cork on Sept 9th

  1. […] Ireland is on the travel plans, and they will be in Dublin and Cork. Our friends in Cork, Tom and Walter have blog posts on the trip to the Republic of Cork. […]

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