The next release of PXN8 will Rock !



6 thoughts on “The next release of PXN8 will Rock !

  1. It looks good, in terms of developing an online application. Very smart.
    However I also think it is adding to the perceived complexity of the application.

    I think this is the point where you start to decide who you are targeting with the online Demo and for what purpose.
    To you show how it solves a novice users problem in a simple clear interface or do you show how feature rich the application is and how it would be ideal for a developers every image editing needs.

    It is a step you need to be careful with.

  2. Looks great; can’t wait to try it out. In my humble opinion however, the Undo / Redo All buttons seem a tad superfluous and add detail to a toolbar you should probably be trying to simplify.

  3. walter says:

    A good point Eoghan – The toolbar will be configurable but I will probably use a different set of buttons as defaults.
    Alan – This is just one of the 5 themes (more coming possibly) that the product ships with. PXN8 has evolved into a toolkit with the site being just one example of its use. I agree: positioning this isn’t straightforward.

  4. aasa says:


    google like it?

  5. Des Traynor says:

    I don’t mean to shit in your handbag, but I think I prefer the old version at the moment, although it could just be a familiarity thing. For me, the old one *looked* like a Paint program, and worked like a paint program.

  6. […] You can apply some effects to your image, and the most basic functions like zoom in/out, sharp, brightness, crop, resize, rotate and contrast. Edit your pic (from a file, or URL) and then save it (hard disk or upload to flickr). Very nice site… I want to see what they’re cooking for next release!! […]

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