Anyone going to d.construct in September ?

Is anyone going to d.construct ?
James, Fergus, Conor, Alan – could you repost this on your blogs to see if anyone is interested ?
More information about the event is available here.
Update: The conference schedule has just been posted… Come on guys – it’s not that technical.


8 thoughts on “Anyone going to d.construct in September ?

  1. Looks like a very interesting event but I personally prefer conferences like the Enterprise Ireland one held in Dublin which focus more on the Entrepreneurship side of the Developer Entrepreneur spectrum. I’ll post about it though.

    Hey, how did Under the Radar go?

  2. Typing it as I type. Will deffo be there if I manage to get a ticket in that half hour they are quoting.

  3. I think i am the same as James, it looks a little too focused on the technical end for me.

  4. They should have a design talk at these events. A “Now that you have built it, sell it with design” kind of thing.

  5. Will go, need sponsor!

    I’d love to go; the line-up is great. If anyone wants a personalised report, live from Brighton, I’m your man. ;)

  6. sxoop says:


    Jeffrey Veen: Designing the Complete User Experience

    Design is hard. The Web is complicated. How do we make things for people when all we have are the most basic understanding of what they want? Join Jeffrey Veen as he takes a broad survey of the challenges designers face today, and how we’re all solving those problems with new perspectives on user research, interaction design, and information architecture.

  7. Des Traynor says:

    Hi Walter,
    I’ll be there. I’ll have to leg it pretty quickly after the workshop day, but hopefully I’ll bump into ya at some stage.


  8. sxoop says:


    I’ll see you there so. Are you flying over from Cork ?


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