Sxoop at Under The Radar

Vic from hotfromsiliconvalley interviewed me a couple of minutes before I presented PXN8 at the Under The Radar conference.
It was a great event and I got to meet some great people.
Walter Higgins at Silicon Valley
Vic takes me to task for coming up with stupid company and product names. If you absolutely must know how to pronounce Sxoop and PXN8, have a listen…


6 thoughts on “Sxoop at Under The Radar

  1. […] Walter flew the Irish web2.0 flag at a recent Under the Radar event in the Valley […]

  2. Well done walter. You should to start linking these things on the pxn8 page to help with marketing :)

  3. When I reinstall Lemon, and iTunes for that matter (it would not let me today??) after my OS reinstallation I must get this and listen to it.

    Good to see you up there with a raft of other shining stars (or at least emerging ones :-)


  4. sxoop says:

    Thanks for the comments. I must get around to writing a proper blog post about the experience.

  5. […] presented in 2006 – and it helped Walter gain lots of valuable […]

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