Arrival 2.0

New arrivalAt 7:20am this morning Ursula gave birth to our second child – a baby boy.
Both mum and kid are doing fine.
Now we have to think of a name for our new arrival.
You’d think with 9 months advance warning we’d have thought of something by now.
Oh well.
Pictures to follow.

p.s. In a weird twist of fate – Sxoop gets a writeup in the Irish times today (our first appearance in the national press).
In years to come when I show the kid a newspaper of the day he was born, he’s going to see a photo of his dad in the paper. That’s weird in a 15-minutes-of-fame kind of way.


11 thoughts on “Arrival 2.0

  1. Justin Mason says:

    congrats! on both counts ;)

  2. Fergus Burns says:

    Congrats Walter on new arrival (and on Times mention)

    great to meet up on Monday

    talk soon

  3. And he’ll say “my God, look at you with hair and why does that program you made have the same name as my middle name?”

    Congrats Walter.

  4. congrats to you and Ursula. Well at least Ursula can rest a little now but you better not expect to get much sleep over the coming months.

    on the 30th birthday of Apple, Steve is a good name.

    When is junior doing his first podcast?

  5. On this day, and for the next week, you should not be reading comments. Or blogs. Or lines of code! Enjoy.


  6. What a day for you! – read about u in the I.Times and see you have more important things to do – Good luck to all the family!

  7. Tom Raftery says:

    Fantastic news Walter, well done. We’re expecting our second (boy) sometime in May.

    One question – in the pic, why is your son swaddled in a pink blanket? Seriously, I thought they used pink and blue to differentiate the sexes in hospitals, no?

    And congrats on the Times mention too – about time I say!

  8. That’s just brilliant to hear Walter. Hugs and kisses to all. I’m glad Ursula’s stay was not extended.

    I can loan you some name books if you get stuck. Have you considered William Walter Wilfrid?

    The sxoop news is just top notch too. Well deserved.

  9. Paul Browne says:

    After the Times article , I was going to ask for your autograph (you did get more than a 1/4 page photograph!) so I could say ‘I did a presentation with him!’

    Arrival No 2 puts it all in perspective – PXN8 might be fun, but nappy changing at 3am is probably going to be the priority :-)

  10. Congrats on the new arrival. That is some twist of faith to have Daddy’s article in the Irish times on the same day as the new arrival.

    It’s now 2 weeks on since the big day, so I hope everything is going well.

  11. Paul Watson says:

    A bit late but congrats on the arrival of your new son :)

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