Yahoo UI Components

Now this is interesting. Yahoo have just released a library of HTML/Javascript UI components. Judging by the number of times this has already been bookmarked in, there must be a lot of developers working on web applications right now.
From a cursory glance, the Calendar and Color Picker widgets look really impressive. I might use the Color Picker in PXN8.
I’ve so far resisted the temptation to rely on javascript libraries like dojo because for the most part, such libraries tend to be large (80K) and include a lot of functionality I just don’t need.
Library size is really important when you’re developing a web application. 80KB might not sound like much when you’re talking about traditional development but if your web application uses a 50K .js file it can really hurt page-load times.

Digging around the slider code, the aggregate size of all required javascript files is 55K. Hmmmm… that’s still a big hit, but the functionality looks really compelling.


One thought on “Yahoo UI Components

  1. Mike says:

    What about a little “In Page Edit” work for an on image text block? Looks like there are some UI Components for that in the Yahoo stuff.

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