Making an Amazon EC2 instance Pixenate-ready.

This is a simple recipe for preparing a Basic Amazon EC2 Instance (using Amazon’s Basic 32-bit Amazon Linux AMI 2011.02.1 Beta (AMI Id: ami-47cefa33) as a starting point) for use by Pixenate.
1. ssh into your newly created instance.
2. sudo bash
3. yum install perl-CGI
4. yum install ImageMagick-perl
5. yum install httpd
6. Add the following to /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf
AddHandler cgi-script .pl
7. Edit the <Directory “/var/www/html/”> body and add +ExecCGI as an option.
8. service httpd start

Congrats. You now have an Amazon EC2 instance that’s ready to run Pixenate.

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One thought on “Making an Amazon EC2 instance Pixenate-ready.

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